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The biographical short films are based on biographical interviews in the archive “Forced Labor 1939-1945. Memories and History ”.

Coordination of the interview collection "Documentation of biographical interviews with former slave and forced laborers": Institute for History and Biography of the FernUniversität Hagen (Dr. Alexander von Plato, Dr. Almut Leh, Dr. Christoph Thonfeld).

Interview with Reinhard Florian: Alexander von Plato, camera: Elena Danchenko, transcript: Jörg Klepel

Interview with Helena Bohle-Szacki: Ewa Czerwiakowski, camera: Stanisław Ścieszko, transcript: Ewa Czerwiakowski, translation: Ewa Czerwiakowski

Interview with Claudio Sommaruga: Viviana Frenkel, camera: Maura Cosenza, sound: Fabrizio Ruggeri, transcript: Viviana Frenkel, translation: Sara Sullam and Florian Ludde

Interview with Sinaida Baschlai: Gelinada Grintschenko and Irina Rebrowa, camera: Igor Luchanin, transcript: Gelinada Grintschenko, translation: Lina Majewskaja

Interview with Victor Laville: Anne-Marie Granet-Abisset, camera: Michel Szemagh, transcript: Anne-Marie Granet-Abisset, translation: Barbara Brutscher

Interview with Anita Lasker-Wallfisch: Christoph Thonfeld, camera: Almut Leh, transcript: n / a, translation: Katrin Pfannmöller

Interview with Marie Jeniková: Šárka Jarská, camera: Jana Počtová, transcript: n / a, translation: n / a

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