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The big engine : From bi-curious to pansexual: how we love


Abrosexuals experience their sexual attraction as fluid, that is, their erotic interest changes regularly. For example, they desire + homosexual at times, then + hetero- or + demisexual again. They reject commitments.


Term for a desire that is directed towards men and people who present themselves as masculine, such as trans men. The latter identify themselves as men, even if their gender was defined as “female” at birth. Women and men can be androsexual as well as transsexuals or intersexuals. The latter have characteristics of both sexes.


Asexuals have no erotic attraction at all and have no desire to go to bed with anyone. Sexual intercourse appears to them either absurd, awkward, exhausting, superfluous, boring or terrible. Most people are familiar with the feeling of arousal, but they do not associate it with the desire for a sexual partner. In an Internet forum, a person affected complained about how often their sexual orientation was not taken seriously: "Oh, that doesn't exist!" It is for asexuals as for vegans. They also have to constantly justify themselves for not wanting something. If you have had enough of it, type “Gleichklang” into your browser: the dating portal mediates purely platonic relationships.


Unlike the majority, autosexuals would rather have sex with themselves than with a partner.


Anyone who describes themselves as “bi-curious” or “bi-curious” thinks about bisexuality or suspects to be bi, but has not had any such experiences and does not (yet) identify as bisexual. Emphasis on still. Because bi-curious people feel erotically attracted to people of that gender with whom they have not had any love affairs so far, and imagine corresponding sexual acts. You can already guess: Most of them follow their curiosity at some point.


Bisexuals are into women and men. A little bi never hurts? Affected people criticize that their sexual orientation is often not taken seriously. They would either be considered homosexuals in disguise or as undecided + who would still discover their erotic preference. There is also the prejudice that bisexuals are insatiable because they like women and men - that is, almost everyone. In the popular imagination, bisexuals tend to have threesomes. The fact that celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart or Angelina Jolie came out as bi didn't make it any better. Because now it is assumed that defining oneself in this way is currently in vogue.


Those who are demisexual can only feel erotic desire when they have built a deep emotional bond with another person. In most cases, this happens in close relationships and can take years. The term does not refer to the conscious withholding or suppression of pleasurable feelings or actions, but rather describes a sexual orientation.


Gynosexuals are drawn to women and feminine attributes. In doing so, they love women or people with feminine traits, for example trans women (who identify as women, even if their gender was defined as “male” at birth). The gender of the person who feels this attraction does not matter, so women, men, trans or intersex people can be gynosexual.


Heteroflexible is someone who is primarily + heterosexual, but also open to + homosexual contacts.


Heteros like members of the opposite sex: men love women and women love men. Sounds like mainstream? Well, it is not easy for heterosexuals either. Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, 58, knows that: Heterosexual men no longer have any socio-political standing, she wrote in a guest commentary for the “Catholic Sunday newspaper”. While gay men have been “ennobled by the zeitgeist” and are considered “hip, progressive and modern”, one looks “down on the normal man as if he were a relic from a bygone era”. The princess asked women to protect their husbands in the face of the “MeToo” debate.


People who are primarily gay or lesbian, but who are also open to + heterosexual experiences, describe themselves as "homoflexible".


At first glance, lesbians and gays are the established queers and have long been represented in all social positions. Even Ernie and Bert, Sesame Street power couple, officially came out a few months ago. That is, almost. The denial followed a day later. Those responsible were probably not at ease with so much libertinage in the children's program. In Germany, couples are now allowed to marry and adopt children. But conversion therapies to "reverse polarity" of gays and lesbians are still legal here. The federal government is clearly opposing these treatments, but only the state of Bremen advocates a ban. Offers for the therapies mostly come from the religious-fundamentalist corner. There homosexuality is seen as a disease that can be cured. However, the pseudo-therapies do not lead on the path of heterosexual desire, instead they can trigger depression and suicidal thoughts.

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