What is the definition of primitive society

Society, primitive

In economic sociology: Because of the possible derogatory overtones and the clearly Eurocentric view, p. Society, primitive today, used cautiously and distantly. Alternative terms have either not held up (primitive peoples or archaic societies) or have not (yet) established themselves (e.g. non-European societies without writing). [1] General term for societies that appeared early in history. [2] Societies that today represent earlier structural principles in addition to feudal, industrially developed societies or societies that are on the way to such development (e.g. lack of writing, little social differentiation, lack of history in the sense of simple handing down of cultural patterns, poorly developed structures of rule, lack of separation from religious, economic and cultural areas of activity). A p. Society, primitive has not taken important steps in history towards developed societies. Studying the p.n G.en thus facilitates access to the analysis of the history and structure of developed societies. [3] Some authors criticize the development assumption made in [2], namely that p. G.en formed social forms that broke off or did not find the development path to modern developed society, and emphasize the intrinsic value of the pn G.en among the variants of the social order that have developed in human history (also emphasize that the contemporary pn G.en are the result of a history that is just as long as the modern ones, i.e. not a reflection of earlier forms of human history).