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Cathy Hummels: Sweet selfie with Ludwig - and you can see his face

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Cathy Hummels shows up with Ludwig +++ Janni Hönscheid shares an emotional post with her followers +++ Lena Meyer-Landrut goes to Instagram again

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

May 22, 2021

Cathy Hummels and Ludwig greet their fans

Look, who is bibst into the camera? It's little Ludwig Hummels, 3. Germany now has three days off, thanks to Whit Monday. On this occasion, the footballer offspring and his mom Cathy Hummels, 33, send a warm greeting to the community. "Mama & Son - raise your hands, weekend [sic]", the presenter simply writes in her Instagram post and adds a red heart icon. On the accompanying selfie you can see a piece of Ludwig's face from the front. Followers immediately recognize similarities. "Papa's eyes," comments one user. Another says: "He looks completely like his papa, only with the color of your hair." Others rave about "Such a cute picture of you" and "You two are already a great team."

May 21, 2021

These words go to the heart - and come from Janni Hönscheid's little son

Janni Hönscheid, 30, shares her colorful family life with her around 113,000 followers on Instagram, which she enjoys together with husband Peer Kusmagk, 45, and the two kids on Costa Rica. But even in what appears to be paradise, everyday life does not stop at the mother of two. And although she tries not to let the stress show, little Emil-Ocean, 3, also notices that his mom is not doing well - and surprises her with words that come from the heart.

"Oh mom, don't worry, all emotions will pass," the little offspring knows. And she doesn't let herself be disturbed by painting, as Hönscheid writes under her post. Neither she nor her followers expected so much wisdom from a three-year-old! "'Thank you' I said to Emil-Ocean, 'that you reminded mom that I could use that right now,'" writes the surfer. Your fans are happy about the honest text and the wise words from Emil-Ocean: "Oh Janni, your words give me some comfort and hopefully drive away the emotional storm clouds above me!"

May 20, 2021

Lena Meyer-Landrut is posting for the second time in two days

With a radical attack, Lena Meyer-Landrut, 29, deleted the entire content of her Instagram account a few days ago - after all, several hundred pictures from recent years. It is slowly becoming clear why. Today the singer publishes the second posting within two days and is more specific about her plans. "ONE THIRD OF THE WAY | A NEW PATH AHEAD", announced the 2010 ESC winner, and also explains what her fans can expect tomorrow: "Until then, I have the songs of the last few years for you with a lot of love and optimism compiled on EPs. " So there will be a best-of-album from Lena, which will be called "OPTIMISTIC". Release date: May 21, 2021.

May 19, 2021

Janni Hönscheid: "Family should mean freedom and support"

With this post on her Instagram channel, she hits the nerve of the community. Janni Hönscheid, 30, reports from her current retreat in Costa Rica with a magical photo. The pregnant surfer appears in front of a wonderful backdrop with her husband Peer Kusmagk, 45, and their two children Emil-Ocean, 3, and Yoko, 1. The couple are connected by their hands, their two offspring each carry it on their shoulders. Janni also finds moving words that impressively describe the closest connection a person can have: "Every family is unique and a unique expression of the energy and love of the universe," writes the soon-to-be mother of three.

No matter how a family is set up, it only exists once, has only existed once and will never exist again, says Janni, describing the peculiarity of this unique constellation. "While the members of the family are finite and the relationships between them are ephemeral, the love that circulates is always infinite and will remain in the world forever - only your form will change," the 30-year-old philosophizes about immortality family love. Spiritual reflections that deeply touch her fans.

"Your words embrace my heart," comments a follower. "I feel the love and sincerity in your words and how your positive energy literally flows through my body. For me, your words describe the key to a happy life," she lets Janni know. "Thank you for your wonderful words every time, they move me to tears and touch me very much," writes another user in the comments.

Janni has deeply moved her community with her thoughts - and sketched a picture of her own little family that is a place of longing for many of her fans. For Emil-Ocean, Yoko and their unborn child, the uniqueness of their family is likely to be associated with love and security. But also a good that Janni emphatically gives them in a last sentence: "Freedom, I wish you my children, be free, and wild, and wonderful [sic]."

May 18, 2021

First Lena Meyer-Landrut deletes all photos, now she speaks up

It has become quiet around Lena Meyer-Landrut, 29. The singer's last album was released in 2019 and she has rarely contacted Instagram recently. The 2010 "Eurovision Song Contest" winner reported to her fans with an Instagram story at the beginning of April, but since then they have been waiting for another update from the singer's life. Instead, Lena deleted all posts on her Instagram wall. But the silence did not last long, because a day later she reports back with a small video on Instagram. Is it the singer's comeback that has already been announced? It looks like this. Because in addition to a few small frequencies on which the singer can be seen dancing, the date of May 21 and the words "Optimistic" are displayed last. Whether it is the announcement of a newly released single or an album remains to be seen.