Is CSE good at ITM Gwalior

Introductory semester summer semester 2021

Dear ITM students,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. King is no longer the chairman of the ITM Board of Examiners.

With immediate effect, Prof. Dr.-Ing H. Meyer is the new examination chairman. In future, all examination matters will be dealt with in the office of the Mechanical Engineering and Transportation Examination Committee.

You can find it right next to our student advisory office, in room H 8142.

You can find more information on the homepage:

What does that mean for us now?
  • Applications for an extension of the deadline or other applications can no longer be submitted informally, as with Prof. King, but can be downloaded in the form area of ​​the website and submitted in full at the office of the examination board during office hours. Since the change of the examiner is relatively recent, the applications for the ITM course are still being processed. So just write ITM.
  • Prof. King and Prof. Maas are vice chairpersons of the examination board.
  • In his role as examination chairman, Prof. Meyer does not make any personal appointments. Ms. Fandrich, Office of the Examination Board (H8142), takes care of all examination matters. After you have submitted your form, you can expect a processing time of 1-2 weeks and you will then be notified by the examination office.
  • Our responsible examination office will not change. So, apart from the change of the examiner, everything remains the same.

If you have any questions, write us an email or come to our office hours.