Why do basset hounds look sad

How to find the basset you want

The decision has been made: you are looking for your dream dog - and is it a Basset Hound? No problem, there are many reputable Basset Hound breeders in Europe. Before you buy, find out about their health care. Because even if the sight of a small basset hound with honest eyes and floppy ears will soften your heart in no time: When buying a puppy you need heart and mind! Therefore do not buy from black breeders who presumably present bassets cheaply without papers and health checks! This would only provide a sad supply, because the demand regulates the supply here too. This particularly affects the animals that reproduce Bassets - or similar-looking mixed breeds - regardless of typical breeding traits and health aspects. When looking for your breeder, make sure that they breed with moderation and without exaggeration regarding the breed's characteristic back and ear length, as well as the loose skin. Extremes usually have an adverse effect on health. In the breeder's home you can not only get to know your dream puppies, but usually also the parents and the dogs' surroundings. A reputable breeder will be happy to answer questions about the health and character of his dogs as well as his breeding goals with regard to a typical Basset Hound breed. In addition, he also feels you on the tooth, after all, he would like to choose a good home for his charges. In most cases the breeder remains a good contact for all questions about the four-legged friend even after the sale of his puppies.

If you want to take in an adult Basset Hound, you can look around on the Internet for donated animals looking for a new place on the sofa. It happens again and again that dog lovers unexpectedly have to give up a basset hound. One advantage of this is that the dogs have usually already enjoyed at least the basic training, so that even absolute beginners who do not dare to train puppies can find a companion here. The former owner or foster home can usually give you good advice and talk to you to find out whether you and the four-legged friend are a potential dream team. A valid vaccination certificate, papers with proof of parentage and, ideally, a health certificate should always be present at the handover. Many also give their former protégé some of the usual food and their favorite blanket with them. In animal shelters and animal welfare organizations you will seldom find pure-bred bassets, but mainly basset-mixed breeds, who are no less charming and are just as happy about a new home.

We hope you enjoy your playful Basset Hound!