Which Capcom games need a remake

This is the list of the best-selling Capcom games of all time

Things have not been bad for Capcom in the past few years. With catchy marketing and of course, above all, the development of good games, the sales figures increase. Some of these titles have now made it onto the list of "Platinum Titles". These are games that hit the 1 million mark. Capcom has now updated the list as part of the new annual report. There are inevitably also current total sales figures.

At the top of the list is of course by a large margin Monster Hunter: World. Thanks to the last expansion Iceborne, the cumulative numbers now amount to 15.7 million units (+800,000 units since 12/2019). The expansion itself - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - comes to 5.2 million units (+1.8 million units since 12/2019).

Resident Evil follows in the squares

Behind the mega-success called Monster Hunter: World, the cult series Resident Evil initially dominates. The remake too Resident Evil 2, which was published a year ago, now has a proud 6.6 million units (+800,000 units since 12/2019), while Resident Evil 7 can record 7.5 million units worldwide (+500,000 units since 12/2019). The still most successful Resident Evil, however, is the fifth part with 7.6 million units sold to date. So Resident Evil 7 could still catch up with it.

And otherwise…

For the first time on this list is the remaster Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen for PS4 and Xbox One, which has now sold over a million times. The first game in the top 10 of this list that is not called Monster Hunter or Resident Evil is by the way Street Fighter II. The SNES classic has sold 6.3 million games to date.

You can see the full list of Platinum Titles on Capcom's official website. A little paradise for fans of sales figures with now 96 games!

via Gematsu, images: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Capcom

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