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Math questions, problems & puzzles

Mathematics has accompanied us in our everyday life since ancient times.

Understanding math and constant Striving for more knowledge has brought mankind very far. The world as we know it today would not be the same without mathematics.

How can you learn math in a playful way?

For example, by solving puzzles with a math tutoring teacher and learning to use and understand the different types of arithmetic!(Ex .: Math tuition Berlin)

So you can learn math and have fun!

Humanity and puzzles

Humans have always felt the need to understand the world in which they live.

He's been asking himself questions about the better understanding of math devoured numerous books and interviewed his contemporaries. Each answer led to new questions.

Solving puzzles is part of the human being: we are all looking for answers.

What's the meaning of life? Is there a life after death? Who were the first people? How did they live

Mathematics can help us in everyday life to better understand many things in our life.

Since ancient times, some mathematical puzzles and physical laws still remain unsolved.

  • How were the Egyptian pyramids built and why were they so arranged?
  • If Atlantis really existed, where exactly was it?
  • How is it that some people, like Leonardo Da Vinci, Archimedes, Newton, Henri Poincaré or Stephen Hawking, are mathematical geniuses - from whom there are, by the way, beautiful quotes about math to be discovered?
  • For other mysterious archaeological relics, which are also related to mathematics, there is still no explanation: the egyptian sphinx (whose famous puzzle is very popular), the Iron Pillar in Dehli (a 7 meter high and 1600 year old metal column that has not shown any corrosion to this day) or the Stone balls from Costa Rica (300 stone balls with a diameter of 2 meters and a weight of 16 tons per ball, the time of origin cannot be clearly identified and the purpose of which is unknown).

Ultimately, puzzles are an ideal way to make people forget their math difficulties and have fun!

To solve puzzles you need:

  • Geometry,
  • Mental arithmetic,
  • Applied Mathematics,
  • Calculating with letters (variables),
  • mathematical theorems
  • or trigonometry.

Math & puzzles

Like or dislike math

Should you like the math and math equations?

Why should we like them

Why are some people so opposed to this question?

Why you should like math:

  • The math helps proofs to find and judge whether statements are right or wrong.
  • Mathematical theories have a certain elegance: Due to their conciseness and simplicity, one finds that one can understand processes without having to learn a lot by heart.
    Instead of simply learning dozens of formulas and sentences by heart without actually grasping their content and result, it is important to understand and understand them correctly.
  • A good knowledge of maths can help cash in the winnings while playing poker!
  • Mathematics is a very powerful tool: you can achieve top results or discover areas of application that seemed out of reach. Thanks to mathematics, you can not only understand the world around you, but also better understand other subject areas such as physics, chemistry and economics, etc.
  • Mathematics is like a game: logical, unambiguous, math stimulates thought, similar to thinking games such as chess, sudokus or even the famous one candy Crush Saga!
    Once you have mastered the most important basics, math becomes your flesh and blood and helps you to cope with your problems.
  • Math and love are also linked! You should try your luck!

Why is math difficult?

Mathematics is a language of its own: to make it interesting, you have to learn its grammar, special vocabulary and spelling.

Rules have to be learned and applied without discussion.

It is also a subject that careful work and a lot of discipline requires. When it comes to mathematics, one must not be imprecise, but proceed precisely and methodically.

Mathematics is a demanding discipline that requires regular practice.

Whether you study alone on the computer or with a math book or, thanks to private math, help from one private math tutor in your hometown (e.g. math tuition Bochum): You have to show hard work, diligence and perseverance, especially if you have not taken the traditional course to learn math.

5 tricky math puzzles

Since man has always had the need to understand and explain the world, mathematics has been used to provide evidence.

The History of mathematics knows many important personalities who have tried to solve the great mysteries of their time.

In math puzzles, you often have to make sophisticated considerations with digits, calculations, and numbers.

It is not necessary to be a high-flyer in math to solve these puzzles, but you should be able to think logically. Otherwise, tutoring math helps!

5 tricky math puzzles follow ...

The 100 prisoners

There are 100 prisoners sentenced to death in one prison.

Suddenly the prison director gives the prisoners one last chance.

The director assigns each prisoner a number between 1 and 100, after which he sets up a large cabinet with 100 drawers in his office. In each drawer he places a piece of paper with a number between 1 and 100 in random order.

Each number is only given once.

Each prisoner is allowed to open 50 drawers and check the numbers in the drawers.

The prisoners consult and try to develop a strategy before they are also called in random order to the prison director's office.

As soon as the prisoners have left the office, they are no longer allowed to communicate with the other inmates, or to change places. No drawer can be left open.

No prisoner knows what the others have done before the "test" is over.

What is the probability that everyone will find the drawer with their number?

There are two options:

  • All prisoners find their number and they are all pardoned.
  • Nobody finds his number and everyone is killed.

According to probability theory, the probability that everyone will be pardoned is the product of the individual probabilities and thus 50% x 100.

Is that correct? How can you prove this probability?

The 3 gods

Behind three people A, B and C are hiding the 3 gods of truth, lies and chance.

The God of truth always answers with the truth, the God of lies only knows the lie and the God of chance answers arbitrarily, either with the truth or with a lie.

The question is “simple”: Your task is to uncover the identities A, B and C by only being allowed to ask three yes / no questions.

But each question can only be put to one god. If you decide to ask a god several questions (maximum 3), the others cannot answer.

Your 2nd question can have a connection with the 1st question, the same applies to the third question.

Another hint: the god of chance can lie ...

The triangular cake

While preparing for an international math competition, a leader decides to give his students a cake shaped like an unequal triangle.

He places the order with a pastry chef near the school and gives him the 3 side lengths.

The pastry chef, in turn, orders a cake box with the same dimensions. When he has finished the cake and is about to pack it in the box, he realizes that the dimensions are correct, but the shape of the box is the wrong way round to the cake pan.

He calls the head of the maths competition and asks how to cut the cake so that the assembled pieces fit into the box.

The leader gives him a concise and precise answer: 2 cuts are sufficient.

How does he have to proceed?

The cat and the mouse

A cat and a mouse are playing "Heads or tails".

To make the game a little more exciting, change the rules: Everyone has to choose 3 consecutive outcomes (for example: tails, heads, heads or tails, heads, tails, etc.).

You toss the coin several times and the first one whose combination appears in the last 3 tosses wins.

It is important to note that the cat and mouse cannot choose the same combination.

The cat starts because it feels superior, and the mouse, which is more intelligent, lets it play first ...

How can both of them increase their chances of winning?

The duck and the cat

A duck swims in the middle of a circular pond.

A cat lurks on the bank of the pond.

While the duck would like to eat some fresh grass on the pond bank, the cat would love to eat the duck.

But the cat cannot swim, it is afraid of water and so it is impossible to get into the water.

The duck, on the other hand, has wings that are too small to fly away.

If the cat runs 4 times faster than the duck swims, can the duck get ashore without being caught by the cat?

Can you find the solution?

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