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Content performance: what does content actually bring?

If you regularly produce and publish content, there is no way around measuring the success of your content. We'll show you how content performance works and which key figures are important for it.

Content performance - what is that anyway?

By definition, content performance is another term for Measuring the success of online contentthat we produce and publish. When measuring performance, it's about whether a Content format pays for a predetermined goal or not. Depending on the result, there may be a Adjustment of the measures in marketing necessary. Who Content MarketingDefinition Content Marketing Content Marketing is a strategic marketing orientation that focuses on the creation and distribution of non-promotional content. Helpful information and entertaining content are used by the target group of your ... Read more, always pursuing a goal. Most of the time, the goal is to generate more leads or increase the company's sales.

Why is it important to measure success for content?

The Content performance is in content marketing or search engine optimization What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization, German "Search Engine Optimization") is an important part of online marketing. It describes the process of quantitative and qualitative improvement of website traffic via search engines. The ... Read More (SEO) a relevant parameterto measure the success of measures. Online content is versatile and does not just include texts. The content also includes videos, podcasts or images and infographics. Companies often invest a lot of time and money in content. Therefore, every contribution has an underlying value.

Content must first designed, then produced and checked and at the end released become. But that's not all. Why do we publish certain articles online? We want to disseminate information or offers. That only works if our contributions are found. So it's not just about content, it's primarily about high quality content. Content performance helps us to organize the effort for the production of content efficiently in order to achieve goals.

The Quality of Marketing overall it is reflected again and again whether from this added value for the company arises. That doesn't necessarily have to be a Increase in sales be. Good SEO increases the perception and thus the Awareness of a brand. This increases traffic because the target group definition: What is a target group in marketing? A target group is defined as a group of people whom an advertiser or a special company would like to reach with its marketing measures. Those who, as general ... Read more, become aware and land on the company's website as a user via search engines.

Success metrics for content marketing

Content marketing has certain goals. These Goals must be measurableso that an analysis of the success delivers comprehensible results. Metrics help to create a value for each goal. Once these indicators are set, online managers need tools to help them Observe, analyze and evaluate metrics on a regular basis.

The relevant Key performance indicators (KPI) in content marketing are always depending on the type of content and the respective goals. A content performance pyramid sorts the key figures and divides them into different levels.

Factors relevant to sales

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion rate

Traffic-relevant factors

  • Pageviews
  • individual visitors
  • organic visibility

User-relevant factors

  • Interactions
  • Length of stay
  • Downloads
  • Comments

Let's take a closer look at what these key figures mean.

The hierarchy of metrics in content marketing

The Metrics build on each other are in a hierarchy. What does that mean? They are extremely important User signalswho find the page content via a search engine and land on the website with one click via the preview. Then the user looks at the page and starts a interaction. It is defined, for example, by further clicks, scrolling or an input. Lots positive user signals ultimately affect the Performance in Google search results out.

Interesting content keeps the visitor on the page, so that the Length of stay elevated. In order for the user-relevant factors to improve, site operators or editors must offer relevant stories and also create a positive experience. The User experience is an important component for the success of content strategies. Not only content plays a role here, but also that Way of presentation. In addition, there are technical factors such as Core Web Vitalsthat are becoming more and more important.

Traffic as a result of good rankings

who Search engine optimization (SEO) operates, would like to rank first with optimized content on Google. A Ranking in the search results ensures visibility. The visibility index and the ranking for topic-specific search queries are usually the first success indicators that can be measured. A improved ranking increases perception and is Basis for traffic to a website. From this, key figures such as page views or the number of clearly identifiable visitors can be derived.

Return on investment as a central value for content performance

If you put money into a sophisticated strategy, you want to see a countable success in most cases. That simply means: one Company invests in order to make a profit. Metrics such as length of stay, page views or organic visibility generally indicate that measures have been successful if the course is positive. From a business perspective, however, they are often just that Basis for other and more important goals.

That is why the term des exists in marketing Return on Investment (ROI). How many more purchases does an online shop generate through content marketing? What impact does this have on sales? Does stories help a company win new customers who complete orders? All of these questions can be answered by analysis. Successes can thus be assigned to specific content pages. It is possible that Influence of a content strategy on the ROI to determine. In this way, the content, the touchpoint for the Entry of the user andStarting point of his customer journey was assigned a defined value.

Successful generation of leads does not only count as purchases, but also, for example, downloads of e-books or software as well as subscribing to a newsletter.

Tools for measuring content performance

To analyze the performance of your content marketing strategy, you can use different Use tools. The most famous tools are Google Analytics and the Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console - The simple tool to optimize your website The Search Console is a free analysis tool from Google, which gives you a simple overview of various statistics and ... Read more. The advantage of these two programs is that they are available for free. All you need is one Google account and the link to your website with Analytics and the Search Console. All tools provide figures and data that make it possible to compare the effort and the result.

With Sistrix, Ryte or Searchmetrics the content performance can be analyzed very comprehensively and in depth. These programs offer the same several levels for detailed measurement of key figures at. This includes, for example, organic visibility, keyword rankings and the performance of individual pages.

What can be done to improve the performance of content?

If analyzes show that content is not performing and therefore does not support defined goals, help SEO measures or content optimization. Often are too technical errors or long loading times a reason for a lack of success in digital performance marketing. Stand here especially mobile presentations, one comprehensible navigation for users and search engines as well as a meaningful thematic structure in the centre.

The benefit of content performance is that it really does every single measure can be measured in detail is. This often results in unambiguous Specifications for an optimization. Which posts make users interact more often? Where is the highest conversion rate? Which story in different social media channels generates the most visitors? All questions can be answered by a structured analysis the content performance can be answered.

If you are unsure which content format or which content is better suited to users, you should always get one beforehand Perform A / B test. With this, for example, a lot of interesting marketing opportunities can be found before a larger campaign Measure key figures and evaluate them objectively. Subjective perspectives and perceived perception from the gut, on the other hand, are not a good strategy. The correct conclusions from the results therefore ensure a measurable and long-term predictable success in content marketing.

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