What are the best headphones in JBL

JBL headphones test 2021 • The 6 best JBL headphones in comparison

What is JBL and where is the connection to headphones?

JBL is a brand for audio systems and accessories. The company operating under Samsung Electronics produces headphones, among other things.

JBL headphones are available for sports, leisure and travel and they contain the sound technology developed by JBL for 70 years, which is developed for perfect sound. The designs convey style and durability that are suitable for everyone.

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What types of JBL headphones are there?

Basically, there are three classic types of headphones at JBL: Over-, In- and On-Ear. Over- and on-ear headphones traditionally have brackets. With them, the sound is not generated directly in the ear. In ears, the sound generation in the ear scores with deeper tones, while over and on ers have a more natural and differentiated sound.

Within these categories, however, the individual models can sometimes differ greatly in terms of design, shape and functions.

Over ear

Over ear headphones are circumaural headphones that are held together by a connector. They completely surround the ear and can thus offer a sound experience that is separated from outside noise, as the headphone cups completely occupy the ear and thus shield it from external influences.

In ear

In-ear headphones also offer a sound that is shielded from outside noise. As the word suggests, you insert in-ear headphones into your ear and then have the sound source as close as possible to the sensory organ.

On ear

With on-ear headphones, the system is basically the same as with over-ears. With on-ear headphones, the cushions of the headphones only rest on the ear instead of completely enclosing the ear.

Purchase criteria in the JBL headphones test 2021

In order to find the perfect JBL headphones, we have worked out a few purchase criteria that you should consider when buying. These criteria should make it easier to compare the individual models so that you can make your choice objectively and well-founded.

The criteria by which you can compare the JBL headphones with one another include:

  • Sound
  • Fit
  • Battery life & charging time

But what do these terms actually mean? In the following we will briefly explain the purchase criteria to you again.


JBL headphones are establishing themselves on the market with their exceptionally good sound. For a good sound, there must be a sound image that can be defined by balanced, natural bass and offers good spatiality. Good headphones filter out disturbing elements such as tugging or clinking.

JBL headphones usually have a good sound, but to tailor them to your preferences you need to pay attention to JBL systems, such as the built-in JBL Pure Bass Sound technology and frequency response. The latter should cover at least the range between 50 and 10,000 Hertz, but is in the range of 20-20kHz for most headphones anyway.

The impedance of the headphones must also be taken into account. Headphones with a higher ohm number are too quiet for mobile devices because the battery cannot provide enough power. Headphones below 100 Ω are therefore more intended for portable devices such as smartphones or mp3 players.


In any case, make sure that it is comfortable to wear, because it makes no difference how good the headphones are if you cannot wear them because they are too uncomfortable. The fit varies with the material and type of headphones. Choose a comfortable material that suits your purposes. Over-ear headphones with soft material for a perfect cinema-like experience would be a good example of this.

The type of headphones is also important. For sports, it is better not to choose devices with a fit that easily slides down, but rather smaller, compact devices that fit well and, for use over a longer period of time, a fit that does not press too much on individual areas.

Battery life & charging time

A long battery life must be taken into account with wireless devices, because nobody wants the message to appear in the middle of a song: the connection to the headphones has been disconnected.

Connected to the long battery life is also the charging time. The faster the device can be used again, the better. Functions such as a quick charge function or the Dual Connect, which allows you to continue listening with one headphone while the other is charging, also depend on the model and should be considered before buying.

Alternatives to JBL headphones

As an alternative to headphones from JBL, there are of course some competitors who also offer good products. Whether Sony, Beats or Airpods, everyone offers products that can be compared in type and function with the JBL models. Even smaller providers, such as House of Marley, have now established a good position for themselves in this very large market.

Depending on the type of headphones, there are special product lines from the competition that are worth looking at. The device to be connected must also always be taken into account when making the selection.

When buying headphones, there is always one thing: the wearing comfort and the functions of the device must always be tailored to you personally.

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Who can use JBL headphones?

Whether for sports or everyday use - JBL headphones are available in different designs and models that are made for almost every requirement. They are designed for the topics of sport, leisure and travel, but can also be worn by DJs, for example. Anyone looking for headphones should find a model at JBL that suits them. Certain models are even made especially for a target group and are then also advertised for them. Children's models, for example, have a SafeSound function and sports models hold up extra well.

Which is the best JBL headphones?

Here it depends on the criteria for testing and comparison, but also on individual requirements. If you value good bass quality, you should choose a model with JBL Pure Bass Sound. Other consumers may appreciate additional features, such as multipoint connections for quickly switching to other devices. You can choose between many different devices and properties with identical basic functions.

What is particularly important in the test and comparison?

When selecting the models, some points are considered particularly carefully in the test and comparison. We have listed them for you in the following: Connectivity technology, material, integrated microphone, JBL Pure Bass Sound, article weight, special features such as water resistance, a stable cable or multipoint connections.

Which devices are JBL headphones compatible with?

JBL Bluetooth headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets or TVs and Playstations. Wired models can be connected via a normal audio connection, such as can be found on Android devices. IPhones can also be connected with an easily available adapter.

How do you control JBL headphones?

Most of the time, JBL headphones can be controlled via the connected device. If available, the headphones can also be controlled via an integrated remote control. This can vary from one to 3 buttons and also in how it works. JBL also offers an extra app for your Bluetooth devices. With this you can, depending on the model, have several functions such as noise canceling and the automation of playback and pause or set a custom EQ. The app is free and can even be controlled via a voice assistant.

What sound functions are there?

JBL offers a variety of sound functions for its headphones that can be used depending on the model. In the following, we have listed the most important functions that you can look out for if you want to vary your sound experience. Noise-canceling: blocking of outside noises for a more comprehensive and interference-free sound Ambient Aware: let in outside noises so that the surroundings can still be perceived and you can react to them accordingly in good time Talkthru: music level is lowered so that you can have a conversation without removing the headphones to have to

Where do I stow my JBL headphones?

It is best to stow the headphones in such a way that they are not exposed to the risk of damage. Some models, especially the earbuds and earpods, have a box or case included. But there is also the possibility to buy cases, of which there are even some that offer the possibility to charge the headphones straight away.

How much do JBL headphones cost?

The JBL product range can be divided into three price categories. We divide into the classes 0-50 €, 51-100 € and 101-300 €. The classes differ mainly in the multitude of functions that the devices bring with them. The more specific the functions become and the more additional there are, the more expensive the device is of course in the end.

Do JBL headphones hold up during sports?

Are you looking for headphones for sports? Then we at JBL would recommend the models that are specially designed to be worn during sports. These are usually shown in the product name or in the description for it. JBL's sports models have been specially designed to guarantee perfect wearing comfort and good hold.

Can I make calls with JBL headphones?

JBL headphones are usually designed for making phone calls. If you absolutely need this function, make sure that a microphone is installed when buying. Usually these are incorporated into the cable or, in the case of Bluetooth devices, directly into the device.

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