Hairdressers have special scissors

These are the best scissors for cutting your own hair - according to the hairdresser

If social distancing and the last two lockdowns have taught us one thing, it is that we sometimes have to - and can - take things into our own hands! This does not only apply to small handicrafts, but also in terms of hair. Some women have been dyeing their mane themselves since then, others now dare to use straightening irons and curling irons in their own four walls and the very brave even dare to try scissors themselves. Hairdresser? We are ourselves now! So that cutting at home doesn't end in a beauty dilemma - admittedly, this has happened to everyone - is this Using special hairdressing scissors is essential. Because only if your strands are really shortened by a professional tool will the look resemble that of a professional. But what makes a good thing and which one is the best? We looked around a little and even got one discovered reliable helper that real hairdressers swear by. You can find out now which tailor it is and what makes it so special!

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Professional hairdressers swear by these hair scissors

Anyone who was dissatisfied with their hairdresser anyway or simply can't wait for the next appointment, the big hour has now struck. Because with the right tactics and a steady hand, you can actually take the future of your hair into your own hands. But first of all: stay away from the kitchen scissors! Only with the right utensils - such as professional hairdressing scissors - can you work on your hair effectively and, above all, in a presentable way. We promise, if you stick to this basic rule, you can avoid the hair disaster. Nevertheless, you don't have to invest in the 200-euro model from hairdressing supplies - you can also find extra-sharp hair scissors in the drugstore or at our favorite retailer Amazon. The Parama Premium (Amazon, approx. 25 euros) is so good and easy to use that its price-performance ratio also impresses trained hairdressers. Why? It cuts particularly gently without damaging the mane. Through the One-sided micro-serration, the strands do not slip away, but are separated smoothly by the sharp blades. This makes it not only ideal for beginners, but is also used by professionals for trendy pony fringes.

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