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Connect the Playstation 2 to an HDMI television

Would you like to connect a Playstation 2 to your new television? Here you can find out what to watch out for.

Many modern televisions no longer have the outdated SCART connection. However, the Playstation 2 uses this to be connected to a television. You therefore need a suitable HDMI adapter to connect your Playstation 2 to your television via HDMI.

There are suitable HDMI adapters that were built precisely for this purpose. With these it is really easy to connect your Playstation 2 to your TV. You can use the following Playstation to HDMI adapter.

If there is no picture via the HDMI adapter, the settings of the Playstation 2 may have to be adjusted: The output is not via "RGB" but via "Y Cb / Pb Cr / Pr" - this is not the standard setting of the Playstation 2.

Sending an HDMI signal to multiple screens - is that possible?

Sometimes an HDMI signal should be output on several screens at the same time. So can you transmit an HDMI signal from your PC to your monitor and television at the same time, for example? The answer is: yes, you can. We'll show you how to do this in the following.

In order to transmit an HDMI signal from the HDMI output of your PC (also applies to Bluray players, TV receivers, etc.) to your monitor and television at the same time, you need a so-called HDMI splitter or HDMI distributor. An HDMI splitter has an HDMI input and at least two HDMI outputs.

So to transmit the HDMI signal from your PC to two screens, you connect the HDMI output of the PC to the HDMI input of the HDMI splitter. You connect the HDMI outputs of the HDMI splitter to the respective HDMI input of the screens using an HDMI cable. You will now receive the HDMI signal from your PC on both screens.

We recommend the following HDMI splitter. This has two HDMI outputs and all modern HDMI functionalities such as Ultra HD (4K), 3D content, CEC, etc.

Connect two HDMI cables together

Maybe you have the problem that you have two short HDMI cables, but you need a slightly longer HDMI cable instead? There is the option of connecting two HDMI cables to one another and thus bridging a longer distance.

You can use a so-called HDMI coupling to connect the two short HDMI cables. This HDMI coupling has two HDMI sockets and is simply plugged between your two HDMI cables. You then connect the two remaining ends of the HDMI cables to your end devices.

We have selected the right HDMI coupling for you.

HDMI switch: Multiple HDMI cables to one HDMI input

It is possible to connect multiple HDMI cables to one HDMI input. For example, two HDMI cables on one connector. This is useful if you have a screen with only one HDMI input and want to connect several devices (e.g. Bluray player and TV receiver) to it without having to constantly reconnect the HDMI cable. Often you want to switch between several HDMI devices.

In order to connect several devices to a single HDMI socket (an HDMI input), you need a so-called HDMI switch or HDMI distributor. An HDMI switch has several HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. You can connect your Bluray player, TV receiver and Smart TV stick (Fire TV, Chromecast etc.) to the inputs via an HDMI cable. You then connect the HDMI output of the HDMI switch to the HDMI input of your screen or television.

You can now switch between the individual signal sources as you wish. You can do this either using buttons on the HDMI switch or using the remote control supplied. This saves you the hassle of swapping the HDMI cables.

We have selected two HDMI switches for you. Both support Ultra HD (4K), 3D videos and CEC - the larger HDMI switch comes with a remote control. The two devices differ in the number of HDMI inputs. While the small HDMI switch has 2 HDMI inputs, up to 3 devices can be connected to the HDMI inputs on the large HDMI switch.

Connect HDMI and VGA - is that possible?

Would you like to connect an HDMI port and a VGA port? This is possible with an HDMI-VGA adapter. It is important to first see in which direction the adapter is needed. Do you want to connect an HDMI output to a VGA input or a VGA output to an HDMI input?

For example, if you want to connect your Playstation 4 to the VGA input of your old monitor via its HDMI output, you will need an HDMI-to-VGA adapter.

If, on the other hand, you want to connect your old PC or laptop to the HDMI input of your television via the VGA output, you will need a VGA-to-HDMI adapter.

We have selected a suitable HDMI-VGA adapter for you for the respective purpose:

HDMI Audio Extractor: Extract audio from HDMI cable

Would you like to pick up the audio signal from an HDMI cable and connect it to your music system or another device via Aux (jack), Cinch or Toslink? The HDMI expert shows you how to do it!

To extract the audio signal from an HDMI cable, you need a so-called HDMI audio extractor. You connect this with your HDMI cable. The HDMI Audio Extractor converts the HDMI signal and offers you different connections to forward the audio signal to your television or music system. Depending on the model, the HDMI Audio Extractor also outputs the HDMI signal again, so that you can simply plug it between two devices connected by an HDMI cable.

We recommend the following HDMI audio extractor from deleyCon. This has an HDMI input and an HDMI output. The audio playback device can be connected to the HDMI audio extractor via cinch, toslink and aux (jack).

HDMI cable: short or long?

Do you need a particularly short or long HDMI cable? Here you can find out in which sizes and lengths HDMI cables are available and what needs to be considered.

The optimal HDMI cable for your application should not be too long, but of course not too short either. It should be long enough that it can be laid well and conveniently connected to the devices without creating a huge tangle of cables.

Regardless of whether the HDMI cable you are looking for should be short or long: In general, HDMI cables can be found in lengths of a few centimeters up to 20 meters. However, depending on the intended use, HDMI cables with a length of more than 10 meters can cause interference.

Our HDMI cable recommendation is available in lengths from 0.5 meters up to 15 meters. Alternatively, of course, you always have the option of connecting several HDMI cables to one another using an HDMI adapter or HDMI coupling. You can also find out how to do this from the HDMI expert: Can you connect two HDMI cables?

Connect HDMI and SCART

Many old devices still use the old SCART connection instead of the modern HDMI connection. So if an old game console or another device with a SCART connection is to be connected to a modern television with HDMI, this is not directly possible.

In order to still be able to connect the old device to an HDMI television using a SCART cable, a corresponding SCART-HDMI adapter must be connected in between.

A SCART-HDMI adapter has a SCART connection (input) for connecting a SCART cable and an HDMI connection (output) for connecting an HDMI cable. Often there are additional connections for power and an auxiliary connection to tap the sound separately is occasionally built in. If you want to tap the audio signal, you should make sure that the audio signal can be tapped via an aux connection.

The SCART-HDMI adapter converts the analog signal from the SCART connection into a digital HDMI signal and outputs this via the HDMI connection. From there, the signal can then be transmitted to the TV's HDMI port using an HDMI cable.

If you want to connect an old device with a SCART output to a television with an HDMI input, proceed as follows:

  1. The old device is connected to the SCART-HDMI adapter using a SCART cable.
  2. The SCART-HDMI adapter is connected to the television using an HDMI cable.
  3. If the SCART-HDMI adapter has an extra power connection, this is also connected.

The SCART-HDMI adapter we recommend has a SCART input and an HDMI output. The HDMI resolution can be switched using a switch on the housing.