Where can I find weapons in Bucharest


To bring a firearm and the ammunition intended for it from EU countries to Austria or vice versa, you need a European firearms pass in which the firearm is entered, as well as a permit to take this weapon with you.

However, hunters and sport shooters do not need a permit, only the European Firearms Pass, provided that they can prove a certain hunting or sporting activity as the reason for the trip. In the case of hunters, this does not apply to handguns.
Travelers from non-EU countries who are resident in Austria are only allowed to import firearms (handguns, bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic firearms) and ammunition for this purpose if they can show the customs office a gun passport or a gun ownership card.

Travelers residing outside Austria require a permit to possess firearms that require a permit in accordance with Section 39 of the Austrian Weapons Act.

There are no import or transit restrictions for rifled firearms (including most hunting rifles) from non-EU countries.
Please note that the importation of certain weapons (e.g. pump guns, brass knuckles, etc.) is generally prohibited. (see also ยง17 Weapons Act)

When traveling to Romania it is recommended to consult the provisions of the Romanian in case of doubt Arms Act to deal with.

The import of weapons and ammunition is only possible under the conditions specified in the law. In the case of the import and export of weapons and ammunition in the course of hunting trips, the following provisions must be observed:

- Presence of a nominal invitation from an authorized hunting club

- Import permit from the rum. Border police

For more detailed information, see Art. 54, Paragraph 2, Law 295/2004 (Romanian Arms and Ammunition Act) - Import of weapons for hunting purposes