What is the best attraction of Russia

Russia sights: 13 gigantic highlights that are worth traveling to Russia for

Russia houses some of the most beautiful treasures in the world. With over 17 million square kilometers, it is the largest country on our planet and 48 times the size of Germany. But with only 144 million inhabitants, Russia is also extremely sparsely populated.

Tourism has not yet arrived in large parts of the country, but is essentially limited to the large metropolises of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Russia has so much to offer and some of themworld's most exciting sights. You will find out what these are together with one of them Abundance of practical travel tips now here. Have fun while reading! 🙂



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Russia sights: 13 fascinating Russian highlights


Infographic: Russia landmarks map


You can find the most important ones here Highlights of the country at a glance:

Infographic: Russia attractions map © reisefroh


Important travel tips at a glance:

Top sights in Russia

Next to the Russian capital Moscow and the magnificent St. Petersburg include the following attractions Top Russia sights: The Kamchatka Peninsula, Lake Baikal, the city of Sochi and a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway! But you shouldn't miss the spectacular Lena Pillars, Ergaki National Park and the cities of the Golgen Ring on your trip to Russia.

Diversity of the country

Many travel to Russia to see its wonderful, magnificent cities Moscow and St. Petersburg to visit. Away from these cities, however, travelers will find pure adventure - Wilderness in its purest form and absolute extremes!

Travel style and visa

Anyone traveling through Russia needs a valid visa, very much a lot of time and good nerves. If you leave the classic tourist trails, explorers and pioneers are in demand.

Language in the country

English is not widely spoken in rural areas and away from big cities Knowledge of Russian or a translation app extremely helpful!

Travel insurance Russia

You need one valid foreign health insurance (recognized in Russia). Which health insurances are accepted by the Russian Federation, as well as all information about them, can be found here: Foreign health insurance Russia


Our top 13 Russia attractions



Moscow - the capital of Russia | Top 1


Big, bigger, Moscow! Moscow has over 15 million inhabitants, making it not only the capital of Russia, but also the largest city in Europe! You don't get too much of that on Red Square, the heart of Russia, because the center of the mega-metropolis Moscow is manageable and somehow feels cozy.

But the moment you leave Red Square, you are struck by the huge streets and the barely tangible size of the city. Moscow has two faces - the modern, cultural and chic center and the gray apartment buildings on the outskirts.

This mix makes Moscow incredibly exciting. The city has over 600 churches, magnificent metro stations (no kidding!) And some of the most beautiful sights in Russia.


If you want to find out about the top 10 attractions in the city, take a look at our article Moscow sights.

Here you will find a summary of the most beautiful highlights of Moscow:



Moscow Kremlin

Karl Marx statue with the inscription: Workers of all countries, unite!

That im Moscow Kremlin, on Red Square, world history is being written every day, visitors and tourists do not feel it.

Moscow's Kremlin doesn't look like a center of power at all, but with its red brick wall it looks more like a “normal” sight.


In the evening the Kremlin is well lit and the mood is a little like at Christmas, even in midsummer.

The Kremlin is the oldest part of the city, the historical center of Moscow and since 1992 also the official seat of the President of the Russian Federation - Vladimir Putin. By the way, the red wall of the Kremlin has only been painted red since the 19th century and was white before that. 😉


The Kremlin in Moscow is not - as many believe - eponymous for Red Square. Rather, the words “krasny” (Russian for “red”) and “krasywui” (Russian for “beautiful”) are very similar in today's Russian, which is because “krasny” used to mean both red and beautiful. Today the word only stands for the color and therefore the “krasnaja ploschadj”, i.e. the red square, now has its name ...


Incidentally, a Kremlin is not automatically a government building, but a citadel or fortress typical of several Old Russian cities. Therefore there are in many cities of Russia Kremlin, but the most famous is of course the Moscow Kremlinfrom the 15th century.

Tip: A beautiful white Kremlin stands in the city of Kazan (Kazan Kremlin) in the Republic of Tartastan.


Insider tip: The Kremlin can (and is) worth a visit. But the tickets necessarily before 4 p.m. Buy it at the Kremlin counter or, better yet, online here in advance *. Then you save yourself the hours of queuing!


Here is a small 360 ° video on the red square, including GUM, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin:



Red Square - the heart of Moscow

Red Square is on the doorstep of the Kremlin, and Red Square is home to some of Moscow's most impressive sights:

  • Kremlin or the eastern Kremlin wall (see above). It was from here that the grand princes ruled, from the 18th century the Russian tsars to the beginning of the Soviet Union, and today the Russian president.
  • St.State Historical Museum: Built in the 19th century in “Russian style”, the museum is now one of the most beautiful architectural structures on Red Square.
  • Resurrection Gate: The Resurrection Gate forms an entrance to Red Square and is located in the northwest.
  • GUM department store: The GUM is Moscow's chiceria department store. This is where the elite and everyone who is self-respecting buy. If you can't afford the expensive brands in GUM, then at least an ice cream. For this reason, many Muscovites walk through the most famous department store in Russia with an ice cream in hand! Crazy, right?
  • Lenin mausoleum: Right next to the Kremlin wall is the Lenin Mausoleum, the important monument of the Soviet era.
  • St. Basil's Cathedralfrom the 16th century is undoubtedly the most beautiful cathedral in the city - more about that now:



St. Basil's Cathedral - the most beautiful cathedral in Moscow

The St. Basil's Cathedral with its colorful onion domes is one of the landmarks of the capital of Moscow and that oldest building on the red square. Actually, the cathedral is officially calledCathedral of the Protection and Intercession on the Graben, but the shorter term - St. Basil's Cathedral - is more common today. 😉

For us, the beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral is perhaps the most beautiful church in Russia. Due to its asymmetry, the numerous turrets and the bright colors, it exudes a lot of exoticism!


Tip: Today there is a museum in St. Basil's Cathedral. The cathedral and museum are open to visitors every day except Tuesdays (entry 500 rubles, ~ € 6.50 per person).