Why does aluminum foil improve antenna reception?

Aluminum foil as a WLAN amplifier - this is how it works

Increase range

There are several ways to increase the range of the router. Some are highly technical and need electricity again themselves. However, it is also very easy. Instead of an electrical amplifier, you simply need some aluminum foil and a little cardboard. With this, you build a small bowl that bundles and aligns your signal.

  • Cut out a large plate from aluminum foil
  • Reinforce the foil with cardboard and dent it a little
  • the little booster should look like a mini-bowl
  • the antenna of the router or the router itself should be in the center of the dish
  • then align the bowl to your location

Mind you, with the aluminum foil you do not actually amplify the signal, but it is bundled and aligned to your location. An ideal solution for use with one device. However, if several people want to access the router from different locations, this method will not work.

Search for jammers

Many devices in your household can negatively influence or interfere with the router's signal. So if the signal does not get stronger despite everything, you should check where a device is transmitting interfering signals. Especially when the signal is very irregular or breaks off completely, there is a lot to suggest that an electrical device is to blame.

  • microwave
  • wireless phone
  • garage door opener
  • Remote controls
  • Baby monitors
The current location of the router is not always ideal. The loss of signal strength when you connect a longer cable to the telephone socket on the router is hardly measurable. A changed location can, however, completely eliminate the problem. So lay a longer cable along the wall and try out whether the router cannot be right next to you. In this way you save disruptive factors such as massive walls.