Starbucks becomes a habit

If you change this habit in the morning, you will save 100 euros a month

What would you do if you had 100 euros a month and 1,200 euros a year more money? Do you want to jump for joy, save up for your vacation or put something aside? All of these things sound great, but what to do when you're constantly blank at the end of the month? But it is easier than you think to save the sum per month - by using a trick. And it looks like this: In the future, do without coffee / tea-to-go.

No more coffee to take away - and you save 1,200 euros a year

Whether on the way to work, to sport or as a pick-me-up for in between: A hot drink to take away has long been part of everyday life for many. But that is a lot on the wallet. In the end costs, for example, aTake away coffee around three euros on average. That makes 70 euros per month!

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But often it's not just about a coffee, especially when the muffin looks so delicious in the showcase or you still treat yourself to a dash of caramel syrup here and there. Even these small amounts add up quickly - and before you know it, it's already there 100 euros per month of (unnecessary) expenses.

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Your own mug, your own coffee - and discounts at Starbucks & Co.

Whoever saves this money can easily buy a high quality coffee machine for yourself. Then you don't have to do without your coffee-to-go either. Simply buy a metal or porcelain to-go mug and make your own coffee in the morning. And if you are in a hurry: Coffee shops like Starbucks also often offer discounts to customers who bring their own mug.

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