Why should I learn Russian

Learning Russian is very trendy! Of course, Russia! The Red Army choir, the Red Square, the indecipherable alphabet, the women famous for their beauty, the vodka, the samovar and that mysterious Russian “soul” ... And how can you enter this strange and at the same time fascinating world behind the stereotypes? By using theLearn russian! This is not that difficult if you have the right motivation. Below are 7 great reasons to learn the Russian language.

7 good reasons to learn the Russian language

1- Learn Russian because it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world

The Russian language is from spoken to more than 260 million people worldwide. Russian is not only the official language in Russia, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan ... and the language is also understood in Georgia, Armenia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Israel. According to certain criteria, it is the most widely spoken language in Europe and on the Russian ranks 6th in the world ranking of the most widely spoken languages.Place.

Russian is one of the Slavic languages, so it has some similarities with Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Bulgarian, and Serbian. It is estimated that all people in the Eastern Bloc countries who were over 20 years old at the end of the Soviet Union have a command of the Russian language. Despite some hostility towards this language in Europe, Russian in some ways remains that through the Soviet Union lingua franca in half of Europe.

By the way, it is estimated that Two to three million Russian native speakers live in Germany (!).


2- Learn Russian to find work more easily

Russia has been developing into one again since 1999 strong economic engine - this applies at the European level as well as worldwide. A middle class is developing in the country and is becoming an important player when it comes to German tourism. If you work in the tourism industry, Russian is a big plus point for employment.

In diplomatic terms, the events of the Crimean crisis in 2014 made it clear that Russia has a geopolitical place as a world power next to the USA and the EU (and others) wants to take. Russian is therefore also becoming an important language for diplomatic exchanges. Russia is a member of the European Council, the G20 and the WTO; Russian is the official language of UNESCO and the United Nations.

More and more companies are looking for employees who speak the Russian language. One should also be aware that the heads of Russian companies usually speak little English and often use one Translator becomes necessary. Understanding and speaking the language of your counterpart is always a huge advantage in the business world, proof of seriousness, interest and trust.

If you have “Russian” on your résumé, you will get an impression even if you do not use Russian at all in your job. From an employer's point of view, a person who is able to learn a language that is considered difficult has a great deal of dedication, perseverance, and wisdom. Competencies that are all highly valued in professional life!


3- Learn Russian to discover a fascinating culture

Which literature enthusiast has never wondered what it would be like to read a Tolstoy in the originaln? And which cinema enthusiast is not interested in Soviet cinema?Learning Russian makes it possible to better understand the complexities of this culture. The very eloquent Russian language has many nuances that German does not always offer. I'm not yet an expert, but I'm reading “Little Prince” in Russian (Маленький Принц) right now. When I compare the Russian translation with the original, I come across many subtleties that have been added to the original. The Russian language is a synthetic, compact language. Often you have to translate a Russian verb in German with a whole sentence, as there is no corresponding word.

Russian music leaves no one indifferent either, from the singing of the Red Army Choir to the great composers of classical, romantic music. Learning this language means that one can get a little closer to these masterpieces by learning their Understand being a little better.

But Russian culture is not limited to classics! It is modernizing itself, is becoming more international and yet remains true to its roots. Personally, I'm a big fan of Russian series, Russian rock and rap (the lyrics are extremely interesting). And that too alternative culture, which develops mainly in St. Petersburg. I like to discover how the people of my generation who were born at the end of the Soviet Union see the future and the past, the traditions, their identity ... Again, when you speak Russian you can understand a lot more of all of this, you get access to a lot more and more in-depth information in all of these areas. In summary, it is very easy to get access to people.


4- To see Russia “from the inside”

After various trips to Russia on which I met other tourists, the following became clear to me: the fact that you speak Russian completely changes your travel experience.

Russians don't always smile and they are more reserved and suspicious than residents of other nations. In addition, few people speak English or even German. It is therefore not uncommon for German tourists to leave the country in Russia without having spoken to a Russian. And this because of the language barrier. So it can stay with the first negative impression. And I assure you that it is easy to find joy in Russia. As soon as you speak the language, the ice breaks and the Russians reveal theirs warm and hospitable side.

If you speak the Russian language, you will find much more interesting accommodations than large hotels. Couchsurfing is a great option, but you can also find interesting places to sleep in people's homes through other sites, for example at air bnb. And language skills will also help you avoid tourist traps. Since I've been learning Russian, I know that the price of a taxi often depends on our level of Russian when you talk to the driver. The better you speak, the lower the price. If you speak the language of a country you have visited, the residents behave differently: for them we are no longer just any tourist, but we are really interested in their language and culture.


5- Learn Russian to make acquaintances

Speaking a new language also means meeting lots of new people. Speaking Russian gives you the opportunity to make new contacts, friendships ... or maybe meet your great love.

If you want to practice Russian, you can easily come into contact with native speakers or other Russia enthusiasts in this country.

Having a Russian boyfriend is also a great way to learn the language and experience the true Russian mentality. I am not suppressing the fact that this was a motivation for me at a certain point in time!


6- To learn something new, useful and different

When you learn the Russian language, there are a number of very useful concepts that you can apply to other languages ​​as well. If they Going on the adventure of learning Russian will affect the way you look at languages ​​and the world around you.

If you are a student, this is the time to make a decision to learn Russian. Because compared to languages ​​that are easier to learn, having a good Russian teacher is crucial. I don't think universities teach much better. But they have the advantage that in this environment it is harder to stop again. Universities also offer language certificates. The decision to learn Russian 3 years ago really changed my life. Serious learning of the language is also interesting in that if you are a teacher or translator for Russian you will usually get paid well. Specialize in Russian So it opens many doors, both professionally and generally in life.

7- Because you simply feel like doing it

And now the final reason, and at the same time the most important reason. The professional opportunities that Russian offers should not be the only motivation for learning the language. The most important factor that motivates you to learn and persevere is quite simply that Passion. If Russia inspires youif listening to Russian music evokes strong and inspiring emotions in youif you are in love with a Russianif you go to Moscow ... learn Russian! These are the most important reasons that will also motivate you to to keep learning when others give up. Listen to your heart: imagine yourself walking through the streets of St. Petersburg on a snow-white night or standing in Red Square. And when you start dreaming, don't wait any longer: get started!

And what would motivate you to learn Russian? Please leave us a comment ...