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Drug screening / abstinence control (urine)

Abstinence control

If you are noticed while driving with alcohol or drugs, the legislator prescribes a medical-psychological examination to regain your driving license. Now you have to decide to stop your alcohol and / or drug use in order to prove your abstinence. The duration and scope of the abstinence program, however, depend on your personal problems and previous history. The scope is not evident from the traffic conspicuity alone.
Professional support for your MPU process is advisable here.

Monitoring period

In September 2013 the assessment criteria in the medical-psychological fitness to drive diagnostics were expanded and revised (3rd edition). These take effect from May 1st, 2014. Persons who have to prove an abstinence control by means of urine screening as part of the medical-psychological examination (MPU), according to the valid CTU criteria to be called on unforeseeable dates and have to have their urine
Submit within 24 hours and under visual inspection.

At the start got to the period in which you are monitored and how many screenings you are to be ordered for. For the MPU, according to the assessment criteria for fitness to drive, from 01.05.2014 with an abstinence period of 6 months the provision of at least 4 normal urine samples, with an abstinence period of 12 months of at least 6 normal urine samples required (CTU1). Please inform us of the desired time range at the end of this contract. Should an extension of the contract be necessary, this must be done within the term of the existing contract so that there are no time gaps in the abstinence control. For you, this means that in the event of a contract extension, you notify us of the extension at the latest before the last screening. In this case, the assessment guidelines require at least 3 further valid controls per half-year from May 1st, 2014. If a one-year proof of abstinence has already been provided and it is older than 4 months by the MPU appointment, the MPU office can request further urine analyzes (3 further checks in 4 months) or a hair analysis of a 3 cm long segment to prove that abstinence has been maintained.

Abstinence contract and scope of examination

You can enter into a "contract" with our laboratory to monitor abstinence (both alcohol and drugs). According to the assessment criteria in the 3rd edition, the abstinence receipts must be documented in the case of Aklohol abstinence by means of an ETG analysis. In the case of previous narcotics, the examination program is basically polytoxicological (amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine metabolite, opiates and methadone). In the event that you have been addicted to opiates, the scope of the examination must be expanded to include opioids (buprenorphine, tilidine, tramadol, oxycodone and fentanyl, including metabolites). We can only write a final report for your MPU position if all four CTU criteria are complied with. The procedure for such monitoring by our laboratory is described below:


A photo check with appropriate documentation is carried out with every sample taking. So please bring at every appointment one valid identity card or passport with whose number you gave us previously. Expired or substitute documents (e.g. VVS ID card, etc.) not accepted become.

The Eventsthat are awarded as part of your control program unpredictable, d. h.You will be from us spontaneous by phone ordered. After booking you have to within 24 hours in our laboratory for Urine output appear. The appointment is made so that this deadline can be adhered to exclusively by phone. You give us this in advance a binding telephone number. It lies your responsibilitythat she is on that number reachable are. You are obliged to check the answering machine / mailbox or, if this option is not available, to regularly check your list of missed calls to see whether you have been called by us. If the call is answered by someone else, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you are notified in good time.

The 24-hour period begins from the time we called you. This applies regardless of whether one of our employees spoke to you personally. The time of the call is documented with us. If you do not show up within the 24 hours, this is considered not to have appeared and the contract will be terminated by us with immediate effect.

Urine output

Urine and blood samples can be given Mon - Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. When calling for abstinence checks by telephone, the 24-hour period (from the time of the call) must be observed in any case. Please make sure Don't empty your bladder just before you urinate. The submission takes place in accordance with the CTU criteria under sight.


A premature termination the contract by the patient (e.g. already passed MPU) requires the written form e.g. by e-mail to:[email protected]

At unexcused missed appointments right away a cancellation of the screening program by the laboratory Prof. Dr. G. Enders MVZ. This also applies to appointments that have been postponed repeatedly for justified reasons, since under such circumstances a sufficiently complete abstinence control over the period agreed at the beginning can no longer be assumed.

At provenAttempted manipulation if the urine is given, the screening program is immediately terminated by the laboratory.

New beginning

After a program has been canceled, a new program can be started at any time, beginning with a new start time. Results from other contract periods cannot be included.

Justified absence / vacation

In the first 2 weeksafter registration to the abstinence program no absence otherwise the screening program will be aborted. At a Program over 12 months the sum of all absences must not be more than 8 weeks (56 days, Mon - Sun), with a program over 6 months not more than 4 weeks (28 days, Mon - Sun). According to the CTU1 criteria for the formation of judgments in the medical-psychological diagnosis of fitness to drive, the availability of a one-year abstinence program must not be interrupted for more than 6 weeks at a time (42 days, Mon - Sun). Absenteeism due to occupational activity or illness are only deemed to be justified, if us a signed Certificate from your employer or a medical certificateis present. According to the CTU1 criteria for making judgments in the medical-psychological diagnosis of fitness to drive, the Availability is not interrupted for more than 6 weeks per year in total become. If you are on vacation or are unavailable for a certain period of time for professional reasons (e.g. assembly, business trip), the report at least 3 working daysbefore in writing or by email (only [email protected] with us are present.

in the Case of illness you still need to Report sick to us on the day of the onset of the illness. A Copy a valid one Certificate of disability ("Yellow note"), which includes the day on which the disease began to be submitted within 3 working days.

If you are not reported sick at the time of the appointment, the certificate of incapacity for work can no longer be submitted later! An exception is acute hospital admissions. In this case, however, is one Confirmation from the clinic Submit that you were unable to appear on the day of the appointment.


Important instructions


The current medication intake is documented with every appointment. If you Medication have taken share you us this please unsolicited with every urine output With (Please also note the following information on ETG). For medically prescribed drugs, the active ingredients or metabolites of which are subject to the regulations of the CTU3 criteria, a doctor's certificate must be submitted before the urine sample is examined, which proves the mandatory prescription of these drugs. Otherwise, an arbitrary intake of this substance (s) can be assumed. The program must then canceled become.

Alcohol abstinence:

In addition to abstaining from alcoholic beverages, foods containing alcohol such as B. Tiramisu, wine sauce, confectionery (pralines, etc.) should be avoided. Mouthwash containing alcohol and over-the-counter herbal medicinal products based on alcohol (e.g. Iberogast®, Echinacin drops) must not be taken, as they always lead to the detection of ETG in the urine. Please note that so-called "non-alcoholic beer (including sparkling wine / wine)" and naturally cloudy juices (e.g. apple juice) can contain small amounts of alcohol.

Drug screening:

Food containing poppy seeds (poppy seed cakes, poppy seed rolls, poppy seed yoghurt) must be avoided as they always give a positive opiate test result. Consuming hemp products and staying in rooms with cannabis smoke in the ambient air can produce a positive cannabis test result in the urine. Unknowingly ingesting narcotics cannot be taken into account.

As of May 1st, 2014, positive analytical results below the limits of quantification required in the chemical-toxicological examination must be reported on the analytical report and assessed as proof of consumption (assessment criteria for fitness to drive, 3rd edition). Therefore, adapt your behavior accordingly as a precaution!

Urine dilution:

The degree of dilution of the urine is determined by the creatinine concentration. We would like to point out that if the urine is diluted, i.e. creatinine concentration below 0.2 g / l (e.g. due to excessive fluid intake), the result of the toxicological urine screening by your MPU or driver's license office Not is recognized. In your own interest, we therefore recommend that you do this before giving urine never large amounts of liquid (e.g. coffee or tea) to drink. If a urine sample is submitted that has a creatinine value below 0.2 g / l twice in a row, the program must be terminated, as the findings will then no longer be recognized by the MPU office. Conditions and illnesses that are medically certified as an acceptable medical explanation are an exception.


Registration for abstinence control (contract)

Your direct route to the registration form (Download)

Notification of absenteeism / change of data

If you agree to the procedure described above and are interested in having your abstinence monitored by our laboratory, please fill out the registration form. Registration takes place on site, i.e. in the laboratory of Prof. Enders MVZ, Rosenbergstrasse 85, 70193 Stuttgart-West. Please bring them in when registering valid official document with photo (ID card or passport) with. For the conclusion of a patient contract, we charge a one-time processing fee of currently EUR 30.00 (including VAT). The processing fee cannot be reimbursed, even if the first appointment was not attended. Please note that the screening process is based on the current requirements in the fitness to drive assessment and can change during the term of the contract.
We expressly reserve the right to change prices during the term of the contract.

If you have signed a contract with us and want to announce absenteeism or changes to the stored data, this can only be done in writing! Please use only the absenteeism / change of address form, which you can also fill out on the computer.

The form is intended for the following information:

  • Announcement of absenteeism
  • change of
    • address
    • Phone number
    • Term of the contract
    • Number of appointments

After printing it just needs to be signed and sent to us.

Final report

At the end of the monitoring period, you will receive a cumulative report with all results and a certified certificate for submission to the MPU office, which contains the monitoring period, the appointment dates including an evaluation of the results and the documentation of your absences (e.g. vacation, business trips).


Further information and advice on the entire MPU process

It makes sense that, in addition to the laboratory tests carried out by us, you take advantage of competent advice and location determination, during which your personal history and your problem can be discussed openly. It is also advisable to obtain extensive information about the process and content of the MPU. There are assessment centers in your area that hold information evenings free of charge. There you can not only get to know the location, but also ask questions about MPU and receive further information. The following table lists some places near us where you can find out more in advance.

The list does not claim to be complete. No guarantee can be given for the services provided by the bodies listed below.

Information points near us