How do I delete my Wattpad account

Deleting a Wattpad account: This is how you do it


Are you a reader or author of Wattpad, but no longer want to use the website? In just a few clicks it is possible to deactivate and delete your account. Please note, however, that you will then no longer be able to access and restore your data, stories and other personal settings.

What should you do before deleting the Wattpad account?

Use Wattpad as an app or in a browser, you have access to thousands of e-books, fan fictions and more and you can even try to write a story yourself. If you have accidentally created two accounts and want to delete one or if you no longer want to use the website, you can delete your account. You should save stories you have written yourself beforehand. Also keep in mind that your fans, votes and more will be irrevocably lost once the account is closed.

Closing the account at Wattpad

  1. Visit Wattpad in your browser and log in with your access data.
  2. Now move the mouse to the orange bar and hold the cursor on your name.
  3. Then select "Settings" in the context menu.
  4. Then scroll all the way down. Here you will find the option "Close account". Click on it.
  5. You can then indicate why you want to delete your account if you wish.
  6. Check the box next to "Yes, I'm sure".
  7. Finally click on "Close account".

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