Why are you driven by purpose

Why are you here?

Personal positioning for more success

"It's not about changing completely, it's about finding yourself"
Marc M. Galal

Why are you here? Is that now the question of the meaning of life? Or the question of why we are in this place right now? Yes and no! Probably at all times people have dealt with such and similar questions. The theses of philosophers, theologians or scientists are very different - there is no clear and universal answer. On the contrary: the many different opinions show how complex this question is. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to keep repeating them. Be it to find your maxim in life or as a basis for setting the current course in your professional or private environment.

Why I'm here? Everyone has to answer this question individually. We live in this world. In a certain place. With a specific task. We live to develop ourselves and the world. The dinosaurs were huge, but their thinking skills were probably rather poor. They are extinct. The little person, on the other hand, used his brain and resources and gradually expanded his world. Our individual actions are part of this ongoing process.

The personal cosmos
Just as the entire cosmos represents a found arrangement of all matter and energy, our very personal environment is also shaped by a multitude of factors about which the individual cannot determine. However, it would be fatal to conclude that we have no way of changing anything. Nobody has to sit by and watch their life go by. Because everyone's life has as much meaning as he or she is willing to give it. We have the chance to make the most of our life. We can set personal goals and achieve them.

Everyone has a need for more: more success, more happiness, more freedom and more security. We are all looking for something deeper, something more essential, something that lasts and is permanent, something that gives us constancy. No matter how beautiful life is going, almost everyone feels the desire to reach a higher level. We have the urge to get to the next higher level - however high that level is.

Recognize resources
In order for this step to succeed, we need to know our own resources. Passion, courage, determination, energy and perseverance are already within us. But only when we recognize these abilities, strengthen them and use all of our capacities, can we manage to live our life on a more intensive level. Mind you: It's not about changing completely. It's not about becoming someone else either. It's about finding yourself, being who you really are. The more authentic we are, the more we know about ourselves, the easier it will be for success in all areas of life.

Psychological Mechanisms
In order to develop our own potential, we not only have to know ourselves very well, but also some of the psychological mechanisms of nature. We need to understand how and why we do something when we do it. The better we understand how and why people act by nature, the more understanding we can develop towards ourselves and others:

  • The feeling of fear can block decisions in a very lasting way. Although we actually know exactly what would be the right thing to do, we don't. This is because fear is anchored in us to keep us from making mistakes. Eliminating fear doesn't work. But we can learn to control and deal with this fear by admitting it to ourselves. Then we can take action despite fear and take the next step that will bring us forward.
  • We ourselves can the quality of our life determine when we know what influences and guides us. Depending on how we evaluate and process events, they gain meaning for us, which is linked to emotions. The resulting beliefs influence our lives. But through our attitude and conscious focus on the positive, we can determine the quality ourselves. Those who look ahead and learn to appreciate good moments are also equipped for difficult phases.
  • Own needs must not be suppressed. Every day we are driven to get things done and accomplish tasks to meet our primary needs. Although each of us is unique, our primary needs are the same: security, challenge, love, purpose, growth, community contribution. Even if the expression varies from person to person, the satisfaction of these basic needs decides whether we feel happy or unhappy, how we behave towards other people and whether we go through life confidently or rather fearfully.

Why are you here? When we confront seminar participants with this question, the first spontaneous reaction is usually: To be more successful, of course! But this statement is more the result of long deliberations that led to the decision to attend a training course, to develop further. It is then helpful to detail the question in terms of different areas, such as family / partnership, career and money.

Why I'm here?
Five questions about personal positioning

  1. How exactly do you know your feelings and current life situation?
  2. Why are you striving for a change?
  3. How do you rate your current satisfaction on a scale from 1-10.
  4. Do you live authentically or do you copy the model of others (parents, idol)?
  5. Does the term success also include intangibles for you?

The honest and precise positioning in relation to these areas of life and their written formulation are used for self-assessment. Our own assessment influences our actions - consciously and unconsciously. Discovering and understanding yourself is a prerequisite for developing and achieving more. Now it is the next step, i.e. the consistent implementation of these findings, in order to get to the next level. So: Recognize resources, strengthen skills and use capacities. Good luck in dealing with the question "Why am I here"!


Author: Marc Galal
Pictures: [email protected], depositphotos, Marc Galal

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