Turn off the sound of Bose headphones when they are turned off

Adjust noise reduction levels

Noise reduction reduces annoying ambient noise and ensures a better, more lifelike sound when playing audio. Every time you switch on the headphones, the highest level of noise reduction (10) is automatically activated. You can use the Bose Music app to change the preset noise reduction level when you turn it on.

The level of noise reduction can be adjusted to suit your listening preferences or your particular environment. If you increase the noise reduction, unwanted ambient noise is blocked out. If you turn down the noise reduction, you will hear more of your surroundings.

Preset noise reduction levels

In the standard setting you have the Noise cancel button the choice between three levels of noise reduction: 0 (complete perception), 5 (medium perception) and 10 (complete noise reduction).

default settingdescription
0Provides complete transmission so you can hear your surroundings as if you weren't wearing headphones.
5Hides most of the noises with lower frequencies, like the roar of a train or vacuum cleaner, but still allows a certain perception of the surroundings.
10The highest level offers first-class, comprehensive noise reduction, so that practically all ambient noise is blocked out.

Press the Noise cancel button briefly to switch from one level to the next. Repeat the process until you hear the level you want. You can change the default noise cancellation levels using the Bose Music app by going to Settings> Noise Cancellation. You can also access all levels of noise reduction (0-10) through the Bose Music app.

Conversation mode is a convenient feature that pauses audio playback while allowing full awareness of the surroundings. For example, you can have a short conversation.

Activate call mode

hold the Noise cancel button pressed for a second.

Switch off call mode

Press any key, double-tap or swipe the touch surface. The headphones return to the previous level of noise reduction and continue playing audio.