Can Disney continue Netflix's Daredevil

Bye bye, Netflix! "Daredevil" rights back to Marvel soon

When it became known that Disney launches its own streaming service with its own MCU series (which we now call Disney + know) to Netflix and Co. to compete, they died Marvel/Netflix-Series like flies. One after the other they were canceled, everything happened in quick succession. However, the contract was with Netflix designed so that Marvel cannot use these characters until two years after their respective series have been discontinued.

Now assigns the fan campaign "Save Daredevil", which - as the name suggests - for the preservation of the Daredevil-Series fights on Instagram advises that there are only six months left before the Daredevil-Rights back into possession of Marvel Studios skip - 18 months are over. Netflix declared the series over in November 2018, meaning that Marvel regained the rights in November 2020. Luke Cage and Iron Fist both were discontinued in October 2018, so are available a little earlier. At Jessica Jonesand The Punisher, which ended in February 2019, it will last until the beginning of 2021.

Of course, it is still completely unclear whether Kevin Feige and his team have immediate plans for Daredevil and want to include the man without fear (really!) In the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as it is legally possible, or whether they let him stew for a while. And what these plans would look like - from one Disney +Series up to a new one Daredevil-The cinema film would theoretically be anything. Charlie Cox, who has Matt Murdock in all three seasons of the NetflixSeries, is no longer counting on a fourth season and is more likely to assume that the role will be replaced.