What a valuable company it is that nobody builds

Employee loyalty: This is how qualified employees stay in your company longer


In order for employees to work productively and feel good, you need one well-equipped workplace. The aim is to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and a productive working atmosphere. Employees should enjoy going to work and not perceive their work as a burden.

Measures in the workplace make it possible to create a structured work environment. This includes relaxation rooms and meeting rooms between employees and managers. This will increase the Motivation and performance Of your employees.

  • Employee parking
  • childcare
  • Free drinks, fruit and other small snacks
  • Ergonomic workplace
  • canteen
  • social rooms
  • Recreation rooms
  • Modern office space

Leadership and corporate culture

A good manager is characterized by, among other things Empathy, competence and an honest demeanor out. Managers have to meet employees transparently, authentically and on an equal footing. A respectful and appreciative interaction is a matter of course in order to ensure a good corporate culture.

One of the tasks of managers is to motivate employees and to serve as role models for them. This includes ongoing feedback discussionsin which, on the one hand, constructive criticism is given and, on the other hand, recognition and appreciation for the work done is shown.

  • Respectful and appreciative interaction
  • Communication between managers and employees
  • Recognition and praise
  • Exercise constructive and fair criticism
  • Continuous feedback
  • Include employees in important decisions
  • Clearly communicate corporate goals and values

Work content

In order for employees to feel comfortable in the company and want to stay there for a longer period of time, they have to work on themselves have fun. If you only ever give your employees the same tasks, it can happen that it becomes too monotonous for them and they look for new challenges in other companies. Changing project work provides the necessary variety and motivation.

Don't be afraid to meet your employees responsible tasks to transfer and give them a little freedom of choice. This strengthens self-confidence and creates the feeling of being needed.

  • Meaningful activities
  • Responsible tasks
  • Varied tasks
  • Opportunities for decision-making and participation
  • Project work

Health and retirement plans

A healthy lifestyle is very important for many employees, but is often in the background for employers. Exercise and sporting activity are usually neglected, especially with office jobs. Sports events within the company or more favorable conditions at local fitness studios offer employees the necessary balance to everyday office life.

The situation is similar with retirement provision. Employees are confronted at an early stage with the need to secure a livelihood even in old age. Many worry about them financial security in old age and looking for support in this area.

With measures for health and retirement provision, you show your employees that you take care of them and that their health and financial security are important to you. This will make you feel valued and build one faster emotional attachment to the company.

  • Company doctor
  • Vaccination campaigns
  • Sporting events
  • Cooperation with fitness studios
  • Health advice
  • Employer-funded pension
  • Financial advice
  • Asset advice

Work-life balance

The balance between work and private life is that A and O for good employee loyalty. However, the high rates of stress illnesses such as burnout show that there is still a lot to be done in terms of work-life balance. Give your employees the opportunity to separate their personal and professional life and have enough time for their families and friends.

Measures to create a balance between private and professional everyday life are very much based on the individual needs of employees.

  • Home office
  • Flexitime models
  • part time jobs
  • Sabbatical
  • Avoidance of overtime
  • Parental leave
  • Additional leave
  • Appealing salary

Development and training

A large number of employees would like development opportunities in their own company and internal and external further training. A transparent promotion system and equal opportunities for everyone provide enough incentive to stay with the company.

High potentials, top performers and specialists in particular like to take advantage of various further training opportunities. This not only brings something to the employees, but also expands that Company know-how.

  • Promotion opportunities
  • Internal mentoring
  • Training and further education
  • Enable additional qualifications
  • Part-time studies


No company can function without a good team! Therefore, invest in numerous measures that theStrengthen cohesion and the mutual trust of your employees. Company outings or get-togethers such as Christmas parties strengthen the relationships between employees and promote normative employee loyalty.

This is particularly important in the Onboarding process. New employees should not feel lost at the beginning, but should be welcomed into the team and carefully introduced to the new work processes.

  • Company outings
  • Company celebrations
  • Team events
  • Well thought out onboarding process
  • Promote internal communication

Discounts and benefits

Depending on the industry, there are different options for discounts and benefits. Supermarkets or other shops, for example, often give their employees discounts on their products. Cinemas give employees free entry to the cinema and banks reward their employees with more favorable terms for their bank accounts.

A company car or company cell phone is also an incentive for many to want to work in a particular company. In most businesses it is now standard to give out meal allowances. These can be ideally combined with a joint company lunch, which in turn provides the Cohesion in the team strengthens.

  • Food subsidies
  • Travel allowances
  • Discount for your own products
  • Special conditions in other companies
  • Company car
  • Company cell phone