What does your enemy mean

Your ego is your enemy

"Ryan Holiday is one of the greatest thinkers of his generation and this book is his best."
Steven Pressfield, New York Times best-selling author

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George Raveling, Hall of Fame basketball coach, Director of International Basketball at Nike

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Brian Koppelman, screenwriter and director, "Rounders", "Ocean's 13" and "Billions"

"Comedian Bill Hicks said the world is infested with feverish egos. In 'Your Ego is Your Enemy,' Ryan Holiday gives us all a recipe against it: humility. This book is packed with stories and quotes that will help you find your own York Times bestseller "Perfect! The superior way to success "

"We are often told that we need confidence to be successful. With refreshing sincerity, Ryan Holiday questions this notion and highlights how we can gain confidence by pursuing something greater than our own success."
Adam Grant, author of the New York Times bestsellers "Nonconformists" and "Give and Take"

"It seldom happens that after reading a book I immediately start over again, this time with a yellow marker in hand. ... I cannot recommend this book enough."
Kevin Rose, entrepreneur and technology investor

"Philosophy has an unwarranted bad reputation, but Ryan Holiday is restoring its place in our lives. This book - jam-packed with unforgettable stories, strategies, and lessons - is perfect for anyone who wants to do and achieve something. It's no exaggeration too claim that after reading it, you will never open your laptop again and work the way you did before. "
Jimmy Soni, former executive editor of the Huffington Post

"I would love to tear out every single page and use it as wallpaper so that I am reminded at all times of the humility and effort it takes to be truly successful. Reading this stimulating book brought back my humility and work ethic, that it takes to win the Olympics. "
Chandra Crawford, Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing

"Once again, Ryan Holiday challenges those readers who are willing to confront the tough questions of our time. Every reader will find truths in this book that benefit each of us. Our egos can be our enemies if we do." not arm ourselves with instructive insights from history, the Bible and philosophy, like the saint did ... more