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Author:Martin Wellenreuther

Research-Based School Pedagogy - Instructions for Using Empirical Research for School Practice



(ISBN-10: 3834009490)
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Schneider Hohengehren

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Publisher's text:For many education experts, the matter is clear: we need more individual support at our schools, more discovery and independent learning, more project work. Above all, we need less frontal teaching. We need more teachers, a comprehensive range of all-day schools, and higher investment in education. But is it really that clear?
One thing is certain: the points mentioned cost a lot of money, and that is why we need a certain degree of security. In order to lead Germany out of the education crisis, we have to achieve as much as possible with the financial resources we use. Can we rely on the advice of German education experts on this question?
The author is convinced that some German education experts are part of the problem themselves: they have been asked for equal opportunities and unsuitable methods for this have been suggested. Open teaching methods have been touted for decades. It was kept secret that these open methods discriminate against children from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. These children in particular do not yet have the necessary metacognitive knowledge to control their learning appropriately! Not even all students have enough of it!
In this book, recent empirical-experimental research on school learning is presented and discussed. Many differentiations are required:
* Discovery learning is usually a waste of time in acquiring new knowledge, while it is effective in applying and transferring newly learned knowledge.
* Direct instruction, well done, is indispensable both in the phase of acquisition and in the sustainable consolidation of knowledge. Pupils who are less able to learn are particularly dependent on being instructed by the teacher.
* Tests can induce anxiety; However, if they are used systematically to guide learning, they are an indispensable aid in effective teaching.
* Group work and tutor work can be effective; however, one should know the empirically proven methods of group work in order to be able to use them in class.
Keywords:School pedagogy, school practice, empirical research
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