How do I cancel a SIP

How does the partial delivery work with sip?

  • Hello everybody,
    I placed an order with sip scootershop 3 weeks ago. a nib was not available and should be forwarded. but until today i haven't received anything and a request was not answered. (was a week ago).
    do you think something else is coming? is only the small kick starter pinion compression spring, but without it I can't assemble my engine.
    Thanks in advance
    greetings nils

  • hey

    just call the hotline:

    if you give your customer number there they can help you! then you should see what is still open on your computer!

    Kind regards

  • what is the value of the feather? Because SIP only delivers if the value of the items to be subsequently delivered exceeds € 15. I guess that will come with the next delivery automatically.

    From SIP: complete delivery
    We only send the order in full. If items are not in stock, we will wait until they come from the supplier. This can sometimes take a long time, especially if several items in the order are not in stock. We therefore recommend partial deliveries.

    Partial delivery
    We send all items that are in stock immediately, items that are not in stock are automatically forwarded in a separate package when we receive them. There are no postage costs for subsequent delivery within Germany. Subsequent deliveries are only made from a goods value of € 15, automatically within 3 weeks of the order. If it takes longer, we will inform you before we deliver and wait for your decision. You can cancel or change arrears at any time at order [at]

  • the spring costs 2 € or so. but I ordered again for 200 € last week and even wrote that I still get a feather but nothing comes and nobody writes me anything
    well I'll call you tomorrow. From the 200 € order there are also items.

  • yes those are the system problems with sip
    place an order by phone ... I don't think they read this additional info box at all
    've had exactly the same last time with sip ..
    and "mario" on the phone (hotline) with "I don't know myself at vespa now, I come from the scootermatic area" (that's when I had the first laugh ...)
    But it was very nice and at the end made an effort and then said I should just call and order the next time and then he takes care of the subsequent delivery and the goodies (I was promised n liter of oil because I only received part deliveries despite the complete delivery and that 2 times ...)
    he gave me certain problems with the changeover to the new shop (it's never that new ...) .. they still don't seem to have a grip on them

    Section Rosenheim

  • I'm greedy for the 3% online discount, that's why I only order online. But if I need Piaggio parts, I go to Rita, I'll have it right away and get a few more stories for free.

    Constantly sell parts PX, Cosa, PK

  • what i have right now is i a. Clicked on complete delivery and b. peer Paypal. What do I have in my mailbox today? Correctly ne partial delivery on cash on delivery or the card thereof. Well, I also have Mario at the Aperrat, has also tried very hard (again).

    But in the end I am supposed to pick up the parcel. They didn’t charge me the shipping anyway and the cash on delivery fees are offset against the actually for the partial delivery or the next order. I find a good solution. If they screw up, at least they'll stand up for it.

  • Oh man,
    Last week I made my first order from sip - partial delivery of course
    I already got the first part and I'm waiting for the other stuff.
    I paid with a credit card!
    After what I read here, I'm a little worried ?!
    Rightly ???
    Greetings. Hook ...