How do I find a simple girl

A simple girl lyrics
of The shame

A simple girl lyrics

She says she can watch TV well
And sometimes she cries at the same time
She knows all the bad words
And some mess

She just dresses well
She puts on make-up discreetly lascivious
Then she drinks a little courage
And lowers her eyelashes deeply
Then she bares her teeth
And her tongue twitches
Then she shows her legs
Which unfortunately nobody cares

It's a simple song
about a simple girl
From a simple area
With a sweet face
It's a simple song
about a simple girl
The world is so simple
You just don't believe that

At 13, she wore a brace
At 14 she was in love
That went well but not for long
What left scars

In the youth center she saw Ronny
How he does his moped hair
She waved her pony briefly
But unfortunately it didn't happen

At 16 she has an apprenticeship
Made as a nurse
But also the courses in yoga
Unfortunately we didn't bring anything

This is a simple song ...

OK. now we're sitting in front of the TV
The girl and me
I love her and she loves me
And at some point we will probably find him
The easy way
Because such a sweet life is simply lived

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