Ambien has dangerous side effects

How dangerous is zolpidem poisoning (BIKALM, STILNOX)? Acute poisoning with the sleeping pill zolpidem (STILNOX etc.) is mostly benign up to a dose of 600 mg (recommended amount 10 mg to 20 mg). According to a retrospective evaluation of 54 zolpidem monointoxications in Switzerland, consciousness is only slightly dampened in three out of four patients (somnolence). Every tenth person feels palpitations, drowsiness or nausea. Arousal (7%), ataxia (7%) and memory disorders (5%) are also common. An underweight woman falls into a coma. Mixed intoxications with zolpidem and another drug with a central nervous effect or alcohol (n = 37), on the other hand, cause coma in 30% of cases and this already from a dose of 100 mg, without the amount of the second noxious agent being able to explain the symptoms. One death after a combined overdose of zolpidem and a phenothiazine has been reported. The benzodiazepine antagonist flumazenil (ANEXATE) can also be used to reverse the disturbances of consciousness caused by zolpidem, which was introduced in 1991 as a "completely new class of substances". Caution is advised in the case of simultaneous poisoning with drugs that lower the seizure threshold (e.g. antidepressants): Since the anticonvulsant effect of zolpidem is reversed under flumazenil, seizures are possible (WYSS, PA et al .: Schweiz. Med. Wschr. 126 [1996]) , 750 / ati d).