Is love conditioned

The sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet
The ancient wisdom says that "love" is the binding agent in the universe, otherwise nothing could exist, because all things contribute to all things. Even the planets cannot have independent existence. Only humans think that they can separate themselves by claiming everything - including love - only for themselves.
Theosophy, however, favors the above all "IMPERSONAL LOVE", which does not exclude anything or anyone.
This lecture will show us that our spiritual development opportunities in the 21st century are indeed limited, should the individual not be prepared for the struggle to face the whisperings from within and the temptations from outside.
Reference is also made to the so-called precursors, such as. B. Jesus and Buddha, who went to extraordinary lengths to help their younger brothers.

Speaker: Edeltraut Elsas

Guests welcome, admission is free.
Lecture and library room at Bahnhofstrasse 15,
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13.02.2016 (15:00 - 15:00)