Is PostgreSQL more stable than MySQL

Is DB2 more reliable and stable than PostgreSQL or MySQL?

I've always used MySQL or PostgreSQL for my projects like web / desktop apps. I've had data loss a few times and thanks to the old backup I was always ready to go.

But for a current project for the airport, I have to use something that can never lose its data, at least not the database until it has power in the circuit.

So I think DB2 should be the best for such risk-free missions? Any ideas or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


All of the platforms you mentioned can be configured with almost no data loss. All can be deployed in a failed configuration.

The choice of platform is part of the puzzle. It will be your implementation of the platform that will determine whether or not your needs will be met.

In reality, high availability and disaster recovery are a trade-off between availability, recovery point target, recovery time target, and cost.

No data loss and no downtime are expensive, complicated to set up and maintain. There is no free lunch.

I just want to add that Postgres-XC has been released since the question was answered. It's basically an open source fork of Postgres that enables Teradata-style clustering that offers both high availability and writer extensibility. I would expect this to be the preferred approach in very high reliability, high throughput environments.

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