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100 Spanish girl names: hit list & suggestions

Are you thinking about giving your baby a Spanish maiden name? Then I can assure you that female first names from Spain are beautiful and very popular. An increasing popularity can be observed especially with Germans. If you give your baby a Spanish first names for girls want to give, here are a few tips and suggestions for you.

You are probably aware that first names usually have a meaning. You should inform yourself about this in advance. The name has been used in Germany for many decades Martha. This means “the beautiful one” and could hardly be more appropriate for a girl.

But names modified by boys are also popular, such as Daniela. This is the feminine form of Daniel, which has the meaning: God be my judge.

You can see that you should ideally find out about the meanings of different names in advance.

The most popular first names for girls from Spain include:

  1. Maria
  2. Carolin
  3. Emma
  4. Julia
  5. Christina

And? Can it be a Spanish maiden name now? I think you are convinced that Spain has beautiful girl names to offer.

Today many families deliberately look for a name with Latin roots. This has a great advantage. There are no spelling or pronunciation difficulties. Parents would like to give their protégé a traditional name, with a religious or deep meaning.

In the Spanish language you will find both, because Spanish culture has a long, Catholic tradition.

In the grammar of the Spanish language, the female gender usually ends in “a”. For this reason, this is also the case with female first names in this country. Front runner among the Children's first names in Spain is still Maria (the Virgin Mary). Spanish first names are very often associated with innumerable saints. These play an important role in naming in Spain.

The advantage of Spanish maiden names is that they are often easy to pronounce. This means that the child does not have much trouble pronouncing his name correctly.

Top 100 list: Spanish girl names

  1. Cara
  2. Elvira
  3. Salma
  4. Marta
  5. Estela
  6. Rosalina
  7. Leonie
  8. Bonita
  9. Marisol
  10. Luciana
  11. Cecilia
  12. Clareta
  13. Juana
  14. Filipa
  15. Tia
  16. Camila
  17. Micaela
  18. Palmira
  19. pink
  20. Alba
  21. Elena
  22. Pilar
  23. Paloma
  24. Juanita
  25. Felicia
  26. Fabiola
  27. Ana / Anna
  28. Gabriela
  29. Carmela
  30. Marika
  31. Mila
  32. Dolores
  33. Margarita
  34. Tere
  35. Maite
  36. Agueda
  37. Eldora
  38. Luna
  39. Lucia
  40. Esmeralda
  41. Valeria
  42. Yesenia
  43. Felsia
  44. Juna
  45. Mara
  46. Rosita
  47. Chiara
  48. Carlota
  49. Benita
  50. Adora
  51. Mercedes
  52. Bianca
  53. Ines
  54. Abelia
  55. Carmen
  56. Constanza
  57. Chiquita
  58. Mireia
  59. Gloria
  60. Amelia
  61. Carolina
  62. Amalia
  63. Alicia
  64. Penelope
  65. Lola
  66. Nuria
  67. Olivia
  68. Pepita
  69. Elsa
  70. Lorena
  71. Laia
  72. Jacinta
  73. Fernanda
  74. Clarita
  75. Teresita
  76. Sol
  77. Leonora
  78. Laura
  79. Lavada
  80. Tialda
  81. Selina
  82. Alejandra
  83. Emilia
  84. Letitia
  85. Norita
  86. Elmira
  87. Cintia
  88. Esperanza
  89. Paola
  90. Stella
  91. Clara
  92. Catalina
  93. Ava
  94. Isabel / Isabella
  95. Cristina
  96. Livia
  97. Evita
  98. Celia
  99. Maribel
  100. Violeta

Do you know any other Spanish girl names? Be sure to write me a comment about which female first name is still missing from the list!

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