Why do not I agree with everything

Sports director Matthias Sammer: "I don't agree with everything"

It's just the bottom of the table, the bottom of the table and then this harmless offensive. SpVgg Greuther Fürth comes to Munich on Saturday for the start of the second half of the season. It will be a no brainer for FC Bayern, the German soccer record champions will do that with their left hand, many will say. Especially after 14-0 goals and four wins in the friendly matches. Matthias Sammer sees it very differently, the sports director raises his forefinger warning again. “It's all about the charisma. I don't agree with everything, ”said Sammer at the weekend on ZDF.

A few lack of concentration here, a half-hearted duel there, perhaps also a tendency towards self-satisfaction. It is probably this negligence that bothers the 45-year-old. In concrete terms, he didn't want to name the things, just so much: “Effect - what works. I'm not going to talk about it in detail because these are internal things too. But I think we should definitely not be blinded, ”he said. Sammer will not let up until the Munich team raise the championship trophy into the Bavarian sky in May. There is no other yardstick for the Saxon.

But it is also the case that Sammer finds addressees in the team who support this point of view. After the 2-0 win at the third division Unterhaching, which incidentally bothered Bayern quite a bit despite the goals from Claudio Pizarro (11th) and Mario Gomez (68th), Bastian Schweinsteiger warned that nothing was “natural”. "We are halfway through the season, nothing has happened yet," said the 28-year-old, who also classified the preparation not as outstanding, but as “decent”. The reluctance here is based on the experience of last season, when the best preparation at all led to no title at all in the end.


Bayern have "great quality," said Schweinsteiger, certainly the biggest in the league. But how the better B-Elf sold on Sunday in Haching should shake everyone up. When coach Jupp Heynckes, who, according to Kicker, will talk to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge about his future in January, later declares substitute goalkeeper Tom Starke the “best man” and criticizes that “defensively too much was allowed”, then that speaks volumes . Even if the 67-year-old does not want to "draw any conclusions", one impression has certainly stuck.

An impression that should also apply to the regular eleven candidates. Jerome Boateng has probably been ousted by Daniel van Buyten, Mario Gomez has apparently lost his place in the duel with Mario Mandzukic, who met Schweinsteiger and Franck Ribery in the 3-0 win in Basel, and Arjen Robben also has to go after his injuries exercise restraint. The Dutch top star said again in Unterhaching that he “understands” the situation. But Robben also said: "I will not get in line, of course not".

So it will again depend on Heynckes' quality as a moderator that no dispute arises if one or the other star is just watching. Bastian Schweinsteiger expects in the second half of the season that there will be "cases of hardship" and that discussions will not fail to appear. "There can be problems because everyone wants to play," he said. The start against Fürth, however, should run relatively smoothly at first.

Only Matthias Sammer could classify it differently. He added: “If you are guided only by the results, we will be blind. But we shouldn't do that ”.