Can a dark girl qualify for SSB

A long way to go to the right league

Mills of qualification in youth handball grind slowly / rounds ended at district level

Minden (rich). The qualification rounds in youth handball have ended in the Minden-Lübbecke district. Many Mühlenkreis teams now have to stretch for the places in the upper and district leagues in further rounds.

The following, interleaved and one on top of the other, qualifying rounds turn out to be difficult to see through for many handball fans. Therefore, in the following, the attempt to shed some light on the qualification dark according to the adjacent final tables.

Most of the teams in the district qualifying rounds, which form the basis for the further division into classes in youth handball, already know where they will play in the next series of handball: namely mostly in the district leagues.

The situation with C boys and C girls is clear. In the boys' category, GWD Minden, Nordhemmern / Südhemmern / Mindenerwald and Hüllhorst are qualified for the district league. For girls, these are SVBH, Bad Oeynhausen and Oberlübbe. The fourth place in the table, Hüllhorst (girls) and Porta (boys), play the remaining district league places in an elimination round against the fourth of the other three OWL districts.

The situation with the B girls is also simple. Hille, Holzhausen / Hartum and Hüllhorst are eligible to play in the district league. The HSG Stemmer / Friedewalde, who is the West German vice-champion, receives a bonus place here. The teams in the district round from fourth place (Oberlübbe) play in the district league.

It gets more complicated with the B-youth, where the qualification goes up to the upper league. HSG EURo and Hüllhorst qualified directly for the district league. GWD, the JSG NSM and TuS Lahde-Quetzen are starting here like three other teams from each of the six districts of the northern district in the elimination round for the upper league. Ten of the 18 applicants will go to the top league, the losers will be grouped into the district leagues.

The process is difficult for A-girls and A-boys, where a regional league is starting for the first time. For the girls, the TVE Röcke-Klus applies for the regional league, for the boys it is GWD Minden and JSG NSM.

With the girls, the HSG EURo is directly admitted for the qualification for the upper league, which also includes the losers of the regional league elimination. Oberlübbe, second in the round, has to play the second qualifying place in the first and second leg against Stemmer / Friedewalde. Stemmer / Friedewalde could not take part in the district qualification because many players still had to play with the B girls for the West German championship. The loser of these two games, together with Woe and teams from other circles, will play a precautionary qualifying round for any top division places that may still be filled. The A girls no longer have a district league under the two-tier Oberliga.

In the A-youth, Hüllhorst and Bad Oeynhausen play in the district round for the start in the upper league. There they could also meet GWD and NSM, if they do not survive the regional league round. The teams that also fail in the Oberliga round automatically slip into the district league, for which the Hille / Oberlübbe syndicate may qualify as fourth in the round of the domestic teams.
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