Why doesn't Netflix accept RuPay cards?

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Firefox has significantly changed the way that pop-up notifications are displayed in the browser. Websites can no longer aggressively inform their users that they are offering push notifications. This trend is catching on: Chrome will follow suit with the next update. What shouldn't bother many users brings us to a brief message on our own behalf.

With the push notifications from t3n you always stay up to date and you can choose to receive pushes only on topics that really interest you.

What do the t3n push notifications offer you?

Before we explain to you how you can subscribe to push notifications in the future, let's first see why subscribing is worthwhile at all.

We deliver selected items directly to you as a notification on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or in the classic way on your desktop PC. All items you receive are handpicked and the notification text is self-written. We select the most interesting and best articles, regardless of whether they are advice, the latest news, analysis or tool tip. You don't have to worry about constant spam from a bot with us.

Our experience: Although the sign-in window for push notifications is clicked away by many users as a matter of principle and is no longer so prominent in current browsers, more and more people are signing up for our service and reading the associated articles by.

How can you subscribe to the push notifications?

Nothing easier than that: Just click on the link here and you're almost there. You get to our landing page, on which you simply click on the button with the inscription Receive push notifications have to click.

If you use Google Chrome on your smartphone, you will then receive this notification, for example:

(Screenshot: t3n)

The push notifications are now activated and you can start! By the way: If you decide against the notifications at some point, you can also unsubscribe on the page.

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