How do I start learning sysadmin

What should a beginner know / learn for a sysadmin job?

On a personal level:

One really good skill that you hopefully will acquire on your way to becoming a system administrator is the ability to fast to recover from your mistakes ... this should come second in nature (an automatic response).

** While browsing once, I found this strictly unofficial, highly controversial, yet potentially useful list:

SysAdmin Ten Commandments

: I. You should respect your user
It is of the utmost importance that you respect the user and their data. Don't steal their MP3s, don't watch their porn. When you work with email, look without reading. Respect them and they will respect you.

II. You should empower the user
The user is the customer. The system is not yours, it is theirs. Provide users with the tools they need to be successful and they will be happy. Give them space to experiment, learn and create. Don't hold back users.

III. You should keep it simple
Just keep it stupid. The KISS principle prevents you from building barrels to hold the wine of a bottle. Don't confuse overdevelopment with quality. Quality work is precise and scalable.

IV. You should expect a disaster
Expect the worst surprises. Eliminate your resources, back up your data, test your backups, and then back up the backups. The shit will hit the fan one day. Be prepared.

V. You should plan
Great work follows great plans. Stick to your goal by identifying it first. Plan your work carefully and surprises will be easier to deal with.

VI. You should stay informed
Gather all the news, information, logs, and statistics you can. Without the raw data to analyze, you can't be sure, you can't debug problems, and you can't make predictions. You cannot learn without new information.

VII. You shall share
Nobody is alone in this world. Pass on your knowledge to others. Give to others, contribute to the community and you will reap many rewards. It is not advisable to horde knowledge. Don't be an asshole.

VIII. You should automate
Do more and faster by automating tasks. You are the puppet master, don't waste your time on legwork. Work smarter, not harder.

IX. You should document
Always document your work, code, and plans. Then document their execution and maintenance. Document for others and document for yourself. Documentation should be an extension of your mind and a resource for others.

X. You should respect your organization
Without an organization there is no system, no user and no job. Understand the organization and its business. Respect it and help it thrive.