What is Pinterest Marketing

You will be successful with these 9 Pinterest marketing strategies

Has Pinterest played a subordinate role in your marketing activities so far? Then it is high time to change that. Figures impressively demonstrate the potential that the image search engine has in store for companies:

  • 400 million users are active on Pinterest every month.
  • Most of the users are women. The 18- to 34-year-olds dominate.
  • Pinterest users are mostly well educated and have high incomes (35 percent earn more than $ 75,000 a year).
  • 93 percent of them use the platform to get inspiration for purchases and 63 percent want to discover new brands and products with Pinterest.

Given these facts, it is hardly surprising that more and more companies are discovering Pinterest marketing for themselves. But often there is a lack of knowledge about the rules by which the platform works. With the following tips you will ensure a successful start and learn efficient Pinterest marketing strategies.

1. Optimize bulletin boards with the right titles and descriptions

Images are at the heart of Pinterest. But that doesn't mean that you should neglect words. On the contrary: there is at least one two good reasons to put emphasis on the creation of texts:

  • Titles and descriptions have a decisive effect on the Findability of your content out.
  • They open up opportunities to arouse your target group's curiosity and provide them with valuable additional information.

Similar to the search engine optimization of websites Keywords play an important role in being found on Pinterest. The best way to find the most relevant terms for your pin boards is to use the platform's integrated search function. Like Google, these suggest similar terms when you enter words. Include the most relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your boards, but in a way that makes it seem natural to the reader.

SEO isn't the only thing you can use descriptions for on Pinterest. These also give you the opportunity to provide users with additional information about your pictures, to captivate them with a little story or to make them smile with a punch line.

Tip: Many Pinterest users make the mistake of explaining in their descriptions what can be seen in the respective picture. It is better to take the opportunity to create additional added value.

2. Use group boards for more reach

By yourself Participate in public group bulletin boards that are maintained by several pinners, you benefit from two advantages:

  • You generate Attention to your brand or your company.
  • You position yourself or your company as Expert on selected topics.

You can create group pin boards yourself. Alternatively, you can select existing boards that deal with topics relevant to your company. Ideally, you use both options alternately.

Also try Include your own employees and influencers in pin boards. The latter in particular can enormously increase the reach of your posts. There is also the option of inviting a relevant influencer and creating your own pin board for your company.

3. Tiller regularly and at the right times

Newcomers to Pinterest marketing often ask, how often and when to post content. Different statements are circulating on this topic. The following information can be used as a guide:

  • Pinterest itself recommends to pin smaller amounts at regular intervals, instead of once a week a large volume.
  • As There is a minimum of 5 pins per day.
  • The promising time of day for publishing on Pinterest during the week is often between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. The evening between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. and Saturday morning at 9 a.m. are also often recommended. The extent to which this information applies in your case, however, depends largely on your target group and their habits.

Don't know how to create 5 new Pins a day? You do not have to. Finally there is Ability to repin content from other users. This has the added benefit of encouraging interactions. But make sure that your own content is not neglected on your boards.

4. Rely on high-quality lifestyle images or offer users valuable additional information

The temptation is great to continuously publish pure product photos. The catch: According to PinterestLifestyle images are much more popular. Fashion companies have it easy in this regard. You can showcase your products on women or men, for example a pair of boots and a coat on a romantic couple's walk.

Service providers and companies that sell less visually attractive products would have to come up with something else. For example, you have the Opportunity to provide users with valuable knowledge about their core topic. Real estate agents can create pins with information on different parts of the city or on important aspects of buying a house, and lawyers can link to FAQs on legal topics.

That being said, it is high quality important for all published images. You can find tips on the correct dimensions for your pins in our blog article "The Social Media Image Guide - all image sizes at a glance". In general, images in portrait format are more successful on Pinterest than those in landscape format. Text that is sparingly incorporated into photos increases the chances of success as long as the result does not appear too restless.

Make sure that all links in descriptions work properly. Because Pinterest punishes pins with broken links.

5. Use rich pins

Rich Pins are pins that are enriched with metadata and offer the viewer additional information without having to switch to a website. There are currently 3 different types of pins:

  • Product Pins: Information on current price, availability and shopping opportunities
  • Recipe Pins: List of ingredients, preparation time and portion sizes
  • Article Pins: Title, Brief Description, and Publication Date

Rich Pins attract more attention than conventional Pins and offer users additional added value. In this way, product pins, for example, increase the chance that viewers will buy the products in question. Pinterest automatically updates the respective price if you change it on the home page.

6. Ensure a high recognition value through uniform branding

By ensuring high recognition value on Pinterest, the chance that your Pins will attract attention and be pinned by other users increases.

The Springlane online shop for kitchen accessories makes it clear how this can be achieved. While the collage is optimized for display on Pinterest, the uniform structure of the pins (one picture above and one below, separated by an annoying icon and title) ensures that the viewer automatically recognizes which company the pin comes from.

In addition, one can uniform branding As on other platforms, you can also achieve this with the following elements:

  • Use of distinctive fonts
  • Recognizable colors
  • Consistent layouts
  • Integration of logos

7. Focus on increasing the number of repins rather than the number of followers

On many networks, the number of your own followers plays a central role in the reach. Things are different on Pinterest. It is worth making contacts here too. But your own reach benefits less than on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The main reason for this is that How the Pinterest algorithm works (Smart Feed Algorithm). This ensures that users are shown primarily content in their feed that is based on the content that they have previously viewed and shared. This has the advantage that you can achieve a large reach even if the number of your followers is (still) limited.

It is therefore more important than gaining new followers

  • Create content that is relevant to your target audience and motivates your followers to repins
  • and to ensure good findability through the already mentioned SEO measures.

To boost the repinning of your content, it is important that the format and design are optimized for Pinterest so that they look as good as possible on any pin board. The following measures are also helpful:

  • Publish your pins including the link in other networks like Facebook.
  • Rely on content that remains relevant over a longer period of time.
  • Repeat successful content on various notice boards.
  • Include infographics on your boards.
  • Ask users with a CTA in the description to repin the pin.
  • Upload images to your website in a format optimized for Pinterest and use a plugin to give visitors the opportunity to pin every image on your pin board (for example with a button).

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8. Push your Pinterest marketing with Promoted Pins

In order to improve the effectiveness of your marketing measures, you can place advertisements on Pinterest. The prerequisite is that your company is based in a country in which Promoted Pins are available. This includes:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

The following types of “Promoted Pins” are currently available:

  • Promoted Pins: These ads are normal pins that are shown to a larger number of users. Their only distinguishing mark is the word “Promoted” at the bottom of the description. The highlight: With a repin, this marking disappears.
  • Promoted Video Pins: This type of Promoted Pin contains a video that will play automatically.
  • Cinematic Pins: The content of the pins moves as long as the user scrolls.
  • One-tap pins: A click on this pin takes the user directly to your website or your online shop.
  • App Pins: App Pins are especially suitable for companies that offer their own app. They have an install button with which apps can be installed directly from Pinterest without having to switch to another platform or to a shop.

The payment methods depend on which campaign goal you choose.

  • If you want to bring more visitors to your website (traffic campaign), you pay per click on your page. One-tap pins are particularly useful here.
  • In an awareness campaign for more awareness, you pay for every 1000 contacts.
  • With an engagement campaign for higher engagement, you pay per click, magnification, or repin.
  • If you choose App Pins, you have the choice between Pay by Install or Pay by Click.

For successful advertising campaigns, use the options that Pinterest gives you to narrow down your target group as precisely as possible. In addition, select your best or most successful pins in a targeted manner.

9. Use Pinterest Analytics to continuously improve your strategy

As we all know, standing still is death, especially in marketing. Fortunately, Pinterest brings in own analysis tool with the help of which you can regularly optimize your marketing strategy.

Pinterest Analytics is available to every user with a business profile and tells you:

  • which of your pins are the most successful
  • in which pin boards they will be integrated
  • demographic data about your users

Pinterest Analytics enables you to regularly improve your content. It also helps you better understand your target audience and their interests. You benefit from this across platforms.

Pinterest is different and that is its strong point

In 2017 alone, Pinterest grew by 40 percent. This development signals the importance the network could play for marketing in the future. The "otherness" of the image search engine is one of its particular strengths. also Pinterest takes up the central importance of visual elements in communication in the 21st century, which gives the platform a particularly modern character.

Both aspects make the network a fascinating tool for marketing. But they also mean that it takes some time to get used to how Pinterest works. It can also take a while for the first success to be achieved. But patience pays off. If you take our tips to heart and have a lot of staying power, you can Increase brand awareness and sales with Pinterest.

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