Is there any tea-flavored alcohol

Sylt spirits and drinks that everyone should have tried

The Pharisee
The Germans' second great love? Definitely the coffee. And Sylt wouldn't be Sylt if there wasn't a very special specialty here too. In general terms, a Pharisee is hot coffee with rum and whipped cream. A little story belongs to the origin of the national drink. According to tradition, the Pharisee originated in the 19th century. At that time there was a pastor in office who strictly forbade his congregation to use alcohol. According to the story, the pastor was invited to a North Frisian family after a baptism. In order to toast the child's well-being, as usual with alcohol, the rum was served with hot coffee. The whipped cream prevented the rum from evaporating and smelling of alcohol. Of course, the pastor always got a normal coffee with cream. Only when he accidentally mixed up his cup did he realize why the guests were so happy. His spontaneous comparison with hypocrites of earlier times became legendary: "Oh, you Pharisees!"

You can find the recipe to make yourself here.

Dead aunt
Coffee is not your thing? No problem, just give the "dead aunt" a try. Don't worry: you don't have to become a cannibal to do this. At the “Toten Tante” coffee is simply replaced by cocoa - the taste experience remains. However, there are two legends surrounding the delicious drink. Some claim that it should have happened, similar to the Pharisee, with the invention of the "dead aunt". Only on the occasion of the funeral of “Aunt Elfriede”. The second story is a little more exotic and is about an aunt who emigrated to America. After her death, she wanted to be buried in her home country. However, the transfer was too expensive. So they quickly packed them in a box that was used to send a delivery of cocoa home. There she was given a dignified burial.

You can find the recipe to make yourself here.

The people of Sylt know how to survive cold winters on the island. Iesbreker or Isbreker, as the icebreaker is also called, is a mixture of water, rum, red wine and sugar and tastes a little more "noble" than mulled wine. Just right for Sylt.

East Frisian tea cream
Dessert or drink? One does not know. But it is always delicious: the Sylt tea cream.
Black tea and East Frisia go together like the beach chair on Sylt. That is why the people of Sylt have come up with something very special for tea time. The tea cream is a dessert that mainly consists of milk, cream and eggs. By adding black tea you get the fine tea taste. The tea cream tastes particularly delicious when it is refined with brittle or rum raisins.

Would you like to try the East Frisian specialty? Then either visit the Kontorhaus Keitum or become active yourself. Get the recipe here.