Is 40cr and en24 the same

Precision Alloy Tool Steel Bar EN24 SAE4340 1.6511 SNCM439 40CrNiMo

Hot rolled and forged steel bar EN24 SAE4340 1.6511 SNCM439 40CrNiMo

AISI 4340 steelis a medium carbon, low alloy steel relatively known for its hardness and strength in large parts. AISI 4340 is also a type of nickel-chromium-molybdenum steels. 4340 alloy steel is generally hardened and supplied tempered in the tensile range of 930 - 1080 Mpa. Before hardened and 4340 steels can be tempered further surface hardened by flame or induction hardening and by nitriding. The steel 4340 has good shock and impact resistance as well as wear and tear resistance in the hardened state. AISI 4340 steel properties offer good ductility in the annealed condition, allowing it to be bent or formed. Fusion and resistance welding is also possible with our alloy steel 4340. ASTM 4340 material is often used where other alloy steels do not have the hardenability to give the strength required. For highly stressed parts, it is excellent choice. Alloy steel jug AISI 4340 also is machined by all the usual methods.

1. 4340 steel equivalent

countryJapanGermanyGreat BritainUnited States
defaultJIS G4103EN10250BS970ASTM A29
DegreeSNCM43936CrNiMo4 / 1.6511EN24 / 817M404340

2. chemical steel composition 4340


3. 4340 mechanical steel properties
The mechanical properties mainly include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, area or reduction, hardness, impact strength, non-metalic inclusion etc. different heat treatment, the mechanical properties are different as normalized, tempered, quart. If you want to know the features, kindly contact the seller.

4. Ready stock:
Round bar diameter 14-460mm.All the sizes as require can be customerized as new production with MOQ.

5. Delivery condition:
Hot rolled, heat treatment, black, hardness or tempered hardness: 28-34 HRC.
Compensation: HBS<>
6. Delivery time
For ample stock 7-15 days. For customized products, 30-50 days.
We have full set of equipement (sawing machine / grinding / polishing machine) to make customer's specification.

Strict quality control

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