How can I post in a forum

Write posts

Every registered user in the forum has the right to write and publish his own amounts. Guests can only read.

Below is information about the content:

  • open your own thread (strand)
  • Reply to posts
  • Change posts
  • Delete posts
  • quote
  • Attach file or images
  • Insert YABBC tags and emotions (smiles)

There are two ways to post in the forum:

  • Reply in existing threads
  • open your own thread (strand) in a forum.


Open a new thread (strand)

If you want to open a new thread, you have to be in the appropriate forum. There you click on above Start a new topic and receives the input screen for writing articles.

With one click on entry the post will be published at the end of the thread.

With preview you can first look at the post and edit it again before finally posting it. This is particularly useful when smilies have been inserted or YABBC tags have been used. This is how you can check whether everything has been done correctly.


Reply to posts

If you want to write an answer to a post by another user, you have to be in the respective thread.

You just click on answer at the beginning or end of a thread and gets an input screen on which you can now write your answer and proceed exactly as described under Open a new topic.


Change contributions afterwards

Contributions that have already been written and posted can also be changed afterwards. To do this, you go to your post and click the field To change at. Now you can see the text of your contribution again and edit it.

In the event of changes in content, please bear in mind that this can also have an impact on the understanding of subsequent contributions, as the reference may possibly be lost.


Delete posts

If you want to delete a post, the procedure is similar to changing the post. You click the field Clear in the post to be deleted and you will then be asked whether you really want to delete. This has to be confirmed separately.

Starting posts of a thread can only be deleted if there are no follow-up posts.

Here, too, we ask you to remember what effects deleting can have on the understanding of the entire thread if references to content are lost.


Reply with quote

Option 1: copy, paste, quote tags

Quotes are given with the command
[quote] [/ quote]
inserted in a post.

Copy the piece of text that you want to quote with Ctrl-C from the relevant post and insert it in your own answer with Ctrl-V between the two quote tags. The quoted text will then be highlighted in the post in a blue box.

Note: the square brackets are obtained on the keyboard by holding down the ALT Gr key + typing 8 for the [and 9 for the].

Example: [quote] This should be a quotation text. [/ quote]

And this is what it looks like:

This should be a quotation text.


Option 2: The function 'Reply with quote'

If you want to quote a specific passage from a previous post, go to the post you want to quote from and click on there Answer with quote.

Then you get an input screen that contains the reference address and all the text of the selected post. Now you can delete the text passages that are not needed and add your own text.

With entry the post is automatically placed at the end of the thread.


Attach a file

Every user with write access has the option of uploading a file from his own computer to his post and attaching it to the end of his post. To do this, simply click on the button on the input screen Search. You get the table of contents of your own hard drive and select the desired file or image.

The file is automatically appended to the end of the post when it is posted.

She may, however no larger than 80 KB and must be as a file format txt, jpg, gif, pdf, mpg or png to have. File size is a common mistake why images are not attached.

Please note: The preview function cannot be used to display file attachments!


YABBC tags and emotions (smilies)

Tags make it possible to insert special functions in the posts. They are based on HTML commands, but need the square brackets [] instead of the greater-less symbols <> for coding.

Smilies should make a text clearer and illustrate the written language in its message.

Depending on the browser, tags and smilies can either be inserted directly into the text by simply clicking on the image, or they can be copied to the correct position with 'Cut' - 'Paste'.

It is also possible to enter the correct code directly via the keyboard.

For the tags, the text to be changed must be placed between the two inner square brackets.

Here are the YABBC tags:

= bold
= italic
= underlined
= crossed out
= glowing
= Shadow
= move (the text or image will then move along the line)
= preformatted text
= Left-justified text
= Text centered
= Right justified text
= Specify font size, default is 2, font size 3 looks something like this
= Font, standard in the forum is Verdana, alternatively there is Arial (like here)
= insert horizontal line

Some other important tags:
= Insert a link in the text
= Insert picture in the text
= Quote text
= create a list


Insert smilies

The smilies can also be inserted into the text by clicking on them. The code of each smiley can also be entered directly via the keyboard.

Meaning of the smilies:

= smile
= wink
= are very happy
= grin broadly
= annoying
= upset, sad, dissatisfied
= frightened, horrified
= cool
= Incomprehension, perplexity, oops
= flute, you think your part, but also annoyed, unbelievable,
= exhausted, also stick out tongue
= sad, unhappy, embarrassed
= speechless, silent
= indecisive, a little unhappy
= Kiss
= very sad, cry

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