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Vodafone has to block the "shadow library" LibGen in Germany

Provider-side blocks were not necessarily the order of the day in Germany, but a judgment by the Munich Regional Court has now issued such a block. Accordingly, Vodafone has to block the Library Genesis (LibGen), which is the largest illegal service for scientific works. The ban that has now been issued must be implemented by Vodafone, it is based on a preliminary injunction issued by the Munich Regional Court. These had been obtained from several academic publishers, including Elsevier, Springer and Macmillan, and they had used numerous copyright infringements as a basis.

"Shadow library"

According to a report by the German blog Tarnkappe (via TorrentFreak), Vodafone has already blocked the domains of the "world's largest shadow library", and several ways to access LibGen are currently no longer available. As is so often the case, however, the keyword is "regular", because LibGen can still be reached without any major problems via VPNs or the Tor network.

Vodafone has confirmed the legal obligation against Tarnkappe and sent the following statement to the blog: "Due to an injunction obtained by various scientific publishers, Elsevier, Springer and Macmillan, which was issued on July 18, 2018 by the Munich Regional Court, Vodafone was asked to Immediately implement network blocks ", says Vodafone press spokeswoman Heike Koring.

The preliminary injunction concerns "the copyright claims of the scientific publishers that have been infringed by third parties. The block was implemented (by Vodafone without delay)".

More ISPs are likely to follow

The matter is certainly not over with the Vodafone ban; it is to be expected that other German providers will also receive mail from lawyers for the scientific publishers. Research, Researchers, Scientists Research Development and Engineering Command / Flickr

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