What is the Trashtag Challenge

#trashtag Challenge - why do people collect trash?

The last Internet challenge I knew about was the Ice Bucket Challenge. It should draw attention to the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - and that seems to have worked out well. After that, however, I haven't heard from it. Now the next thing is going on: “#trashtag”. What is it and why is it covered here on the blog? Read on.

What is the #trashtag Challenge?

Very easily. You go to a littered place and clear it of the rubbish. Then you put a before / after picture online and add the hashtag #trashtag. Finished. Sense of it all? It is intended to raise awareness of the littering of the earth. And it seems like it is accepted by the church.

All pictures of the #trashtag Challenge

The best thing is: anyone can take part, anytime, anywhere. Because unfortunately you can find garbage everywhere.

Be part of the solution!

We won't be able to clean up the whole world. And that's not the point either. It's about raising awareness, setting an example and taking responsibility. We also free nature or public places from rubbish. We humans are part of the whole system and all actors are asked to face the great challenges that await us. We as civil society too. With cleanups you develop a great need to do your part. This motivation translates into questioning one's own consumption. This ultimately leads to the action to change one's behavior. But how can you inspire more people to consume more consciously? The issue needs to be covered daily on all channels to keep the debate going. Cleanups are a great tool for doing just that. And thus also the #trashchallenge.

March for Climate - environmental protection campaigns in March 2019

A number of campaigns take place across Germany in March. Check out what's near you and start doing something! It's even fun! You can find a list of all events here. Of course, you can also just start a # 5 minute sweep week all by yourself if that's too much of a hustle and bustle for you.

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