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Season 3, episode 19

  • 65. Remote Controlled (Broken Arrow)

    • Alternative title: Broken hero
    Season 3, episode 19 (45 min.)

    Roy, who stood up for Oliver, is in dire straits in prison. Quentin Lance persuades him not to cover Oliver any longer. Not even Oliver knows that Roy, Diggle and Felicity have a plan up their sleeve to free Roy. This is apparently stabbed to death in prison. But the whole thing is a thread-in action by Diggle, who has revived his old A.R.G.U.S.-contacts. Roy is released from prison, but then has to go into hiding and says goodbye to the team. The newcomer is Ray, whose suit has overcome its first teething troubles and who is dying to eliminate Simmons, a meta-being that raids banks. He gets serious injuries, but with the help of Oliver he manages to arrest Simmons on the second attempt. Thea mourns the supposed loss of Roy when she suddenly pays a visit to Ra’s al Ghul and stabs her to death in a remarkable duel. (Text: RTL Crime)

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