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Comparison of USA prepaid SIM cards

As in any other country, there are different cellular operators in the United States. To help you find your way through the sea of ​​prepaid providers, we have listed a selection of the most popular providers below.

Compare the different prepaid providers to find out which tariff suits you. The offers are aimed at Frequent phoners, Power surfer, Short vacationer and anyone who would like to surf and make calls in the US without roaming charges.

Tariffs with a landline flat rate and free minutes to the German cellular network are especially suitable for business travelers who are often on the move in metropolitan areas and have to be in constant contact with home. If you prefer to Skype and Whatsapp If you want to fall back, you should secure a high volume of data so that you are able to share the photos you have taken with friends and relatives in Europe. The Skype and Whatsapp services can be used by all providers in the USA. With Whatsapp you can keep your current phone number and continue to chat and share with it.

The network operator AT&T provides the largest network in the USA and thus guarantees the best reception. T-Mobile USA is very well represented in metropolitan areas and advertises the fastest 4G network in the USA. Data junkies in metropolitan areas should feel very comfortable here.

USA SIM cards for surfing and making calls

ProvidernetworkFlat rate USAFree minutes German landlineFree minutes German cellular networkMobile InternetTethering (hotspot)To order
H2O WirelessAT&TYesUnlimited (inclusive)100 to 333 minutes2 to 30 GB data flat rateNoH2O Wireless
AT&TAT&TYes250/1000 min. (Optional)No5 to 22 GB data flat rateYesAT&T
T-MobileT-MobileYesUnlimited (optional)Unlimited (optional)10 to 50 GB data flat rateYesT-Mobile

In the tariffs of AT&T and T-Mobile tethering is possible.

If you have any questions about the US SIM card, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply write an email to [email protected] or use our Facebook support.

Prepaid Translated means "prepaid" and defines in the telecommunications sector the use of services against prepaid credit.

Anyone who is traveling in the US for more than 30 or 60 days can take advantage of our long-term rates. Specially developed for exchange students and au pairs, you can choose between 2 and 13 months: H2O prepaid for exchange students

USA data SIM cards for surfing, skype and whatsapp

ProvidernetworkSurf stickTablet & smartphoneTetheringspeedMobile InternetTo order
AT&T Data S.AT&TYesYes Noallowed4G LTE3 GBat tariff
AT&T Data MAT&TYesYes Noallowed4G LTE10 GBat tariff
AT&T Data LAT&TYesYes Noallowed4G LTE18 GBat tariff
H2O BoltAT&TYesYesallowed4G LTEup to 10 GBat the tariff

We send our SIM cards in triple-cut format - this covers every imaginable size and is compatible with every device.

H2O Wireless

As a third party provider, H2O Wireless uses the AT&T network and is therefore very well positioned in all regions of the USA. Both the voice quality and the data transfer speeds are excellent and very fast. Up to 99.2 Mbps are possible in the 4G LTE network from AT&T. The excellent coverage allows you to use our H2O tariffs perfectly on the coasts or in the interior of the USA. In the states around Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, as well as in Texas, New Mexico, Luisiana, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona etc. you are optimally on the move with H2O .

You can see the network coverage here: H2O Wireless network coverage
You can extend your tariff here: Charge H2O Wireless


T-Mobile is one of the younger providers in the USA and has meanwhile worked its way up to the third largest mobile operator. The company, which comes from Germany, is known in the States for its extremely fast network and also provides very good network coverage - even in somewhat remote areas such as Arizona. With all tariffs we offer, crossing borders to Canada or Mexico is not a problem, because roaming is already included. Similar to AT&T, tethering is available to you throughout the trip. So you can use your smartphone as a hotspot and share the internet with up to 10 devices.

You can see the network coverage here: T-Mobile network coverage
You can find our T-Mobile tariffs here: T-Mobile SIM card


AT&T is and will remain the largest US provider with the largest nationwide network in the USA. If you are planning a trip by motorhome or by car through the USA or along the coasts, you have the best network coverage of all the providers mentioned here. The possibility of traveling across national borders to Canada or Mexico is also no problem with AT&T, as the provider guarantees free roaming here. The mobile data speed at AT&T is also excellent. With up to 99.2 Mbps you can listen to music, stream series or use your mobile phone as a navigation system. In terms of language, AT&T builds on HD Voice technology, which significantly improves the transmission of frequencies.

You can see the network coverage here: AT&T network coverage
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