Shit birds when flying

Why is bird poop always white?

You can find them everywhere: on window panes, cars, park benches, and if you are unlucky, even on your own head! We're talking about bird poop! Nobody is really safe from this mushy mass, because - be careful! - it comes from above. And it is white. Why actually?

In truth, bird poop is not poop at all, but semi-solid urine. Because unlike us humans (and other mammals), birds do not excrete liquid yellow urea, but viscous and concentrated uric acid. And the dark little heap that you usually find in the middle of the white pulp, that's the real droppings, so the real poop. The pulpy uric acid forms when protein breaks down in the kidneys and consists of tiny white crystals. Unlike in humans, these crystals do not change color in the bird's kidney. You stay white. The urine is also not liquid because birds drink very little. You only drink as much fluids as you need. Too much of it would make them heavier and thus unnecessarily burden them when flying.

The little fluid is collected in the cloaca together with the food that has already been processed in the stomach - this is what the body exit of birds is called. The cloaca is the outlet for the ureter, the intestine and the genital organs at the same time. That is why bird feces and urine mix and are excreted together through a hole. Birds do their "small" and "big business" quickly and easily in one go. How convenient! Ah!

By the way: Bird poop is every driver's enemy. Because the concentrated uric acid is very corrosive and effortlessly eats its way through every layer of paint. So quickly get rid of the bird mush!