How are your sales going?

So the car sale goes without any problems

  1. Private or dealer?
  2. The price check
  3. True beauty comes from within - and of course from the outside too
  4. How do I bring out the chocolate side of my car?
  5. How does the sale work?

Private or dealer?

If you want to sell your car, you first have to ask yourself whether you are offering it for sale privately or having it bought by a dealer. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. The private sale is often more lucrative, but you have to take care of a lot. Test drives, negotiations with potential buyers and many inquiries can be stressful at times. If you decide to sell privately, there is usually no getting around the online used car exchanges.

If you prefer to sell your car to a dealer instead, be aware that they are professionals who sell the car Being able to estimate the value of the car very precisely after a brief assessment. They often try to get the car as cheaply as possible. It is therefore best to set your own pain threshold for the last price.

The price check

How do you find out how much your own car is really worth? This question can give you the free Vehicle evaluation from answer. Just go to our website, click on the Vehicle rating, fill in all the required data and you will receive a price rating tailored exactly to your vehicle. You can now start negotiations with this value.

Now check how much your car is still worth!

True beauty comes from within - and of course from the outside as well

The first step in making your car an eye-catcher is one thorough cleaning before viewing by potential buyers. Not only should Body and cockpit shine. Also the The back seats and trunk should be sparkling clean, as should tires and rims. Everything that does not belong in the car should be cleared out beforehand so that you can present the vehicle as it would be presented in a car dealership. This also includes one Engine wash, because a well-groomed interior and exterior can once again have a positive effect on the sales price.

A better price can also be achieved through minor repairs. Paint damage and dents can be repaired quickly, but can work wonders in terms of price. An ozone treatment for around 70 euros removes annoying odorssuch as the smell of cigarette smoke. So should you Check tire pressure, cooling and washer fluid, oil level and lighting. Deficiencies in these areas quickly give the impression of neglect.

How do I bring out the chocolate side of my car?

After the intensive cleaning, it is now about the presentation of the car. Are there high quality images indispensable. Your car should if possible clearly visible be and off all positions as well as in the interior being photographed. If the car has minor dents or scratches, show them too. This shows that you are a trustworthy seller. You should therefore also take this route when describing the vehicle. Be honest and describe not only the merits of your car, but also its shortcomings.

Important: Photograph that as well as the vehicle Service book. Interested parties can see at a glance how your vehicle is doing and what has already been done on it.

How does the sale work?

After you have presented your car to a prospect, they now want to buy your car. But what do you actually need to sell a car? First of all, it is important that you hand in all the necessary documents with the vehicle. In this case it is Vehicle registration and letter, inspection certificate of the last HU and the service booklet. Warranty certificates, repair invoices and maintenance reports shouldn't be missing either. If all of the documents are available, nothing stands in the way of a sale.

Now it's getting tricky! When selling a car, only your own contract counts, Therefore, never sign any documents that the buyer brings! Have the full amount paid out in cash and do not need to pay a depositunless it was made before collection and the remaining amount is brought to the handover.
The car will only be handed over when it is logged off is, because as long as the car is in your name, you come for it Fines, Insurance and Taxes on. It is therefore also important to report the sale of the car to both the registration office and the insurance company.

If you follow these tips and tricks, nothing should stand in the way of a successful sale of your car.

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