How did you design your company logo

Create a shape logo - design it yourself or have it designed?

An individual company logo is important for every company. It is the figurehead and says a lot about a company. So convey the right characteristics and statements right from the start. You should have the finished company logo protected in order to avoid that someone can copy your design with impunity.

There are various criteria that you should consider when designing the logo. Fulfilling all requirements is not easy. Therefore, consider carefully whether you would like to create your company logo yourself or whether you would prefer to hand this task over to an agency or a graphic designer. Alternatively, you can also conduct a mostly cheaper online design competition and choose your company logo from numerous individual suggestions from an entire designer community.

Basic requirements for a successful logo design

  • Define your target audience and align your company logo accordingly. Communicate your corporate philosophy and the message of what your company is doing or what problem it is solving.
  • Whether only one Word mark or a word and figurative mark is up to you. However, a company logo with a picture element is usually more meaningful. A slogan can further reinforce the message.
  • For one high recognition value a company logo should consist of simple and memorable forms. Customers or interested parties can easily remember the logo thanks to its simplicity and easy recognition.

  • In the Coloring you should be thrifty in general. Ideally a main color and one to a maximum of two additional colors to support it. However, every logo must also be easy to recognize in black and white.
  • Every professional company logo must scalable and reproducible in order to be able to enlarge or reduce it without any loss of quality. In addition, the logo must always work and look good, whether small on a business card or large on a vehicle.
  • A company logo is used for a very long time and should therefore be used sooner be timeless and don't follow current trends too closely. Nevertheless, a redesign may be due at some point. It is important to maintain the recognition value.
  • The most important Data formats for your company logo are JPG, PDF, PNG and EPS. So you have all formats, whether for the web or for print.

Create a company logo yourself

There are numerous free or inexpensive programs that can be used to create logos. Usually there is a database with various basic shapes and symbols that can be combined to create the desired logo design. There are also some online tools such as: B. available. You can use the tools to create a company logo for free and then download it in high resolution in various file formats, mostly JPG and PNG, for a low price.

The advantage is certainly the low price, but the disadvantages should not be underestimated. It is almost impossible for a layperson to professionally implement all of the above criteria. In addition, prefabricated elements are used. It's not a custom design.

Hire an agency or graphic designer

The best-known way to have a company logo created is to hire a graphic designer from the area or an agency directly. There you have a contact person on site who will work with you to prepare a briefing in which all wishes and requirements for the logo are recorded. The target group will also be defined together with you. An in-house graphic designer then takes care of the design proposals, or an external graphic designer is commissioned with the implementation. You will then be given a few suggestions from which you can choose your favorite to make final changes to.

The advantage of hiring an agency is personal on-site support. In addition, all steps are discussed together. You will be supported in formulating your requirements and change requests.

The disadvantage in this case is the high cost and the low number of design proposals. In addition, you probably never have contact with the designer yourself. The process to the finished company logo can take a few weeks.

Advertise a company logo as an online design competition

In addition to the options already mentioned, there have also been online platforms for a number of years on which you can advertise all design tasks according to the crowdsourcing principle. Among other things, you can have your logo design created in this way. The largest German-speaking platform, for example, is designen

  1. You advertise your task to a community of graphic designers; interested designers can submit proposals.
  2. You give a rating for the submitted designs and, if necessary, write a short feedback with change requests.
  3. In just a few days, you can gradually develop your individual company logo together with the designers.
  4. You will choose your top favorite as the winner at the end of the competition and receive all the necessary data.

In the case of an online tender, you must first write a briefing. The more precise your information, the better the designers' suggestions will later match your ideas. However, it is also not a problem if you have no or only a few performances. This gives the designers more freedom for creative design. Entrepreneurs in particular often only have a small budget. In a design competition, you set the price yourself and know all the costs right from the start of the project. There are no nasty surprises later.

The advantages of an online design competition are above all the numerous suggestions from various designers, the affordable price and the quick processing. You also get in direct contact with the individual designers and can discuss change requests. All changes are documented and can be traced.

The disadvantage of an online competition is that there is no face-to-face meeting. All contact takes place in writing via comment.

About the author: The article was written by Vanessa Schmidt. She works in the field of online marketing at and writes for the company's own blog, among other things.