How can I control the recoil in PUBG

PUBG: PC update 18 brings new weapon, beta for new game modes is ongoing

A fresh wind is blowing on the battlefields of "PUBG" - at least on the test servers. Update 18 is now in use there and brings three exciting new features with it. Players with the “Sanhok” card are happy about the new QBU weapon. This will replace the Mini 14 shooting iron in the future and show its full potential, especially when shooting from a distance. A bipod will reduce recoil when shooting from a prone position. A magazine offers ammunition for ten rounds of caliber 5.56 millimeters. Alternatively, you can use the extended magazine with up to 20 bullets. Also new and exclusively playable on the “Sanhok” map: the “Rony” pickup truck. With the you can transport up to four players across the battlefield.

PUBG: Update 18 brings new game modes

Probably the most drastic innovation in the context of Update 18 is the beta phase for the so-called custom matches, which started this train. You can use these to create your own game games according to the framework conditions you have specified. In addition to the classic Battle Royale mode, you have three other game variants to choose from. In "Zombie" the players are divided into two groups: humans and undead. As a result, one of the two factions must be completely wiped out. In "War" gamers meet in the tried and tested team deathmatch mode. Unlike in the Battle Royal mode, you return to the game after screen death with a so-called respawn.