Which purchase should I make

I have been awarded the bid for an item, but I no longer want to buy it. What should I do?

When you place a bid or buy an item on eBay, a contract is formed and you are obliged to buy the item. If you think you have a legitimate reason not to buy the item, you can contact the seller and ask if they can cancel the purchase for you. Many sellers are willing to work with you if you communicate openly and honestly, but they are free to accept or decline your request.

Cancel a purchase

If you made the purchase in the last hour and the item has not yet been shipped, you can send the seller a request to cancel. If it has been more than an hour since your purchase, you will need to contact the seller directly and ask them to cancel. In either case, the seller can either accept or reject your request.

Note that if you order more than one item, the entire transaction must be canceled. It is not possible to cancel just parts of a purchase.

Cancel a purchase made within the last hour

If you've made your purchase within the last hour, you can ask the seller to cancel the purchase if they haven't shipped the item yet. That's how it's done:

  1. Choose from the More Actions drop-down menu Cancel this purchase.

We'll send your request to the seller asking them to accept or decline the cancellation. If the seller agrees, we will send a confirmation of the cancellation both to your stored e-mail address and to your messages on eBay.

Cancel a purchase that was made more than an hour ago

If it has been more than an hour since your purchase, you must contact the seller and ask them to cancel the purchase for you. This is how it works:

  1. Select "More Actions" from the drop-down list Contact Seller´┐╝.

  2. Choose Request to cancel this purchase´┐╝ and then Contact Seller´┐╝.

  3. Explain to the seller why you want to cancel the purchase, and then choose Send.

The seller can either cancel the purchase or decline your request.

If the seller agrees to cancel the purchase and you paid through PayPal, a refund will be automatically issued. If you used any other payment method, the transaction will automatically cancel, but the seller will manually initiate a full refund. It may take 3 to 5 business days for the refund to be completed after the seller initiates the refund. If you pay by credit card, processing can take up to 30 days.

If the seller declines your cancellation request or has already shipped the item, you will need to wait until you receive the item and then contact the seller and request a return.

Pay item

When you buy an item or place a bid on eBay, you are required to complete your purchase. Even if you change your mind or want to cancel the purchase, you will have to pay for the item. If you do not pay for the item within 4 calendar days, the seller may cancel the purchase from day 5 and you will not receive the item.

If you have a lot of abandoned purchases because you haven't paid for items, we can restrict your buying activity on eBay or prevent you from buying altogether. You can find out more about this in our policy on abusive buyer behavior.

Would you like to return an item?

Once you've purchased and received an item, you can contact the seller and ask for a return.