What happened to Fallout 76

Why Bethesda is receiving a shit storm because of the Fallout 76 subscription

B.ethesda doesn't have it easy. Criticism has been pounding on the company for around a year and the reason for this is called Fallout 76. The company simply does not manage to free itself from this spiral and announcements of less cosmetic items and a relatively expensive subscription do not help to improve the situation.

What happened?

As Fallout 76 was announced at E3 2018, some fans of the end-of-time RPG series showed up fallout already not enthusiastic. Because Fallout 76 was conceived as an online game from the start and shouldn't even contain NPCs. The NPCs were always one of the most interesting things about the role-playing games from Bethesda. When the RPG was released in November 2018 and was released in a technically imperfect condition, there was criticism. The reviews were sometimes catastrophic and long-established Fallout fans let their displeasure run wild.

However, Bethesda held out the pressure, defended the game, and continued to work to make improvements. But again and again a new faux pas was waiting for the studio, which it promptly tapped into. For example with the introduction of useful items in the Atomic Shop, although at first it was said that you could only buy cosmetic things there. Pay2Win allegations were already loud.

The situation is coming to a head

Recently the next catastrophe happened and that in sustained-fire mode. The much anticipated Wastelanders update, which should finally introduce NPCs, had to be postponed. The announced private servers should be chargeable and Bethesda would like to offer fewer cosmetic items, but more useful ones in the Atomic Shop. Now the introduction of an optional subscription for Fallout 76which is not too cheap at 15 euros a month or 120 euros a year.

The fallout-Fans wonder what goes wrong with communication. At first there is criticism because of the "useful" items in the Atomic Shop, but Bethesda sees this as an invitation to introduce even more such items? There is a lack of understanding in the community. In addition to criticism, the developers also get a lot of ridicule. One player, for example, secured the domain for Fallout1st, the name of the subscription, and developed a site that fooled Bethesda.

What is the problem?

More and more games are relying on microtransactions and games-as-a-service models are coming to the fore. That in and of itself would not be the big problem. It becomes problematic when the games like Fallout 76 or Tom Clancy‘s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint suffer from it and customers have the feeling that the actual game is taking a back seat, but the microtransactions are coming to the fore.

The release state of Fallout 76 was not good. And the players felt that this was due to the Games-as-Service model. Just like Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Quite simply, there is a fear that this will continue. That we will see more and more situations in the future in which the actual product takes a back seat, is published quickly and unfinished so that a Games-as-a-Service title is on the market and can earn money with the Item Shop . Especially at Bethesda, the players now fear for the upcoming games, especially The Elder Scrolls 6. The now introduced subscription for Fallout 76 was basically just the drop that broke the barrel.

Perhaps it would be time for a rethink in the game industry before the situation really turns. Because the games and their quality should always come first, even before an item shop.


Fallout 76 is since November 14, 2018 available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In our test we were disappointed with the first multiplayer part of the series. For us is Fallout 76 no reason to set the world on fire.

About the author: Andreas Bertits is a freelance journalist and writes for IGN Germany while his cat has annexed part of the keyboard as a sleeping place.