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Is it worth doing an internship? All advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Many things in life are basically medals with two sides - and the internship, which is little loved by many students, is no exception. Which side you choose and whether you like or dislike the internship is ultimately up to you. At least one or two internships will go through almost every student in the course of their training, because they are now an integral part of most courses. The following list of the advantages and disadvantages of an internship is intended to show why this is so!

The best chances of finding an attractive internship for you are on the Internet. For example, you could use's job search or access numerous job exchanges.

Internship advantages and disadvantages: The advantages of an internship

How-I-Met-your-Mother protagonist Ted Mosby likes to use his writing pad in tricky situations - because then it's time for the pros and cons! You can see below which facts you can write down on the pro page of your decision about an internship.

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Advantages of an internship # 1: You get to know your job

Have you ever heard of the so-called practice shock? This ominous word is not a new word created by the Uniturm editorial team, it really does exist!

Imagine that you have invested three, five or even more years in your studies only to find that you can neither find your way around nor really feel comfortable in your (professional) world. Wouldn't that be an absolute disaster? Would it be! To avoid such a scenario, there is the internship. It should bring you closer to your future work environment and the tasks associated with it and at least warm up your jump into the cold water a little.

Tip:You don't have to start studying to do an internship. You can also do a pre-study internship to make sure that the course you are aiming for actually suits you. In the case of teacher training courses for special needs education, for example, this is even compulsory.

Advantages of an internship # 2: You get an insight into professional practice

Theory and practice sometimes go far apart, very far. This is mainly due to the fact that the course conveys the fundamental theory in many areas, but not more. However, it does not form a basis for specific problems.

You will only receive this during your professional career. This is one reason why HR professionals often value work experience so much. As a recent graduate, you cannot look back on a vita full of different professional positions. You can still score points at the interview with internships and part-time jobs.

Advantages of an internship # 3: You make contacts

The world is unfair sometimes. Instead of giving you your absolute dream job, the HR manager prefers to fill the position with the brother of his gardener, whose son also goes to class with the nephew of the head of department.

Sometimes you need a certain dose of "vitamin B" so that you can even see it in some job advertisements, let alone be considered. Big-name companies in particular have this reputation; this is less the case with startups.

Granted, you may not be able to marry into the recruiter's family through an internship alone. However, it is still ideally suited for making contacts. Good interns like to be remembered, especially in the course of the War for Talents. Maybe someone will approach you with the next personnel question? Or you know someone who knows someone who knows someone.

Advantages of an internship # 4: You get to know the customs of the industry

Business etiquette, this term also has a far-reaching meaning. A well-known management consultancy certainly does not want to embarrass itself by the appearance of its new junior consultant at a business lunch.

Even young professionals need to know what is proper. Dealing with customers and colleagues is definitely part of learning by doing and is unlikely to be part of a lecture. The fact that students and graduates can participate in everyday business life and gain some experience in this regard is probably one of the greatest advantages of the internship.

By the way:Flat hierarchies with a Duz culture and a rather relaxed approach to the boss can also be unusual - especially if you have to differentiate between corporate clients and colleagues while you have previously addressed your dean of studies with "your spectability".

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Advantages of Internship # 5: Your CV will be upgraded

A successful résumé can pay off when you apply. Although many advisors attribute a similarly high value to the cover letter, there are HR professionals who openly admit that they don't even read them. So you should try to upgrade your vita wherever possible.

You can achieve this primarily by mentioning the relevant internships. Ideally, there is a direct connection between your tasks during the internship - which you should definitely mention - and the vacant position.

A lot helps a lot, but less is more! If you have completed two or three internships that are relevant to the position you are applying for, you shouldn't be left behind. However, it is not advisable to mention various internships in different industries. This way your résumé loses the common thread and you don't seem very determined.

Tip:For each of your internships, you should definitely ask for a qualified job reference. In this way you not only find out how good or bad your superiors judge you and what you should work on if necessary. You can attach a copy of the certificate to the appendix of your application and thus have proof of your achievements.

Advantages of an internship # 6: An internship is never free

The cliché of the poorly paid, coffee-making girl for everything is no accident. You would not be the first to have bad experiences during the practical phase. But you can also draw some valuable conclusions from your failure: afterwards you will know which complex of your studies is out of the question for you professionally or which company you can safely leave out of the later job search.

Knowing what you don't want may bring you closer to your ultimate goal than you think!

Benefits of Internship # 7: You learn a lot about yourself

An internship can be a real enrichment not only in terms of the industry and the necessary specialist knowledge. It is also valuable for your personal development.

Conversely to point number # 6, during an internship you will learn what your personal strengths are - you can then use this knowledge better and more clearly in later applications and job interviews! For example, if you prove to be a communicative team player, that would be an asset for the overwhelming majority of companies. Long-term tasks are increasingly being distributed less to largely independent people, but rather worked on as a whole by teams in projects.

Are you more of the creative type or an analyst? Do you appear de-escalating in conflict situations and demonstrate your negotiating skills in dealing with customers? All of these are soft skills that are not taught during your theoretical training, but are very much in demand in the world of work.

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Advantages of internship # 8: Mistakes are allowed

Once you have fully arrived in the professional world, you are responsible for your own mistakes. One of the advantages of an internship is that it is different. Here you don't (yet) have to answer for each of your mistakes. A faux pas is certainly annoying and, in the worst case, embarrassing - but it is allowed.

Internship advantages and disadvantages: The disadvantages of an internship

The internship would hardly be so unpopular if it weren't for some tangible disadvantages. In this section we will show you which circumstances can hardly be glossed over let alone discussed away.

Disadvantages of internship # 1: The pay is poor

The payment for the internship only deserves the term "remuneration" in exceptional cases. Mostly it is spoken of an "expense allowance".

The really bitter thing is that after a few weeks of getting used to it, you take on almost the same tasks as a full-time employee, but only receive a fraction of the salary.

In some industries, however, you can make at least halfway good money. A survey by the Cleves Group from 2019 with 4,500 respondents showed that more than 1,000 euros can be earned in the areas of banking and finance, IT and management consulting. For an intern, this is certainly a nice extra income, but this payment has little in common with the salary of a full-time position. At the latest when you compare the starting salaries of university graduates, you get the feeling of being a cheap worker.

The decisive factors for the amount of the expense allowance are primarily the industry and size of the internship company as well as the geographic region of the company (north-south or east-west divide).

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Disadvantages of internship # 2: Before being an intern, you are an applicant

Just give us a call? Not at all. Most of the companies want to know when they will get on board (at least temporarily). There is nothing wrong with that either. After all, an intern should support their work and not increase it, because one is only busy ironing out their mistakes.

An application process is therefore also compulsory for an internship, and in a few cases this is even linked to an assessment center. If you consider that you are probably only employed on a short-term basis - and, as described in point # 1, for poor pay - then the application phase is a nuisance. The effort is hardly likely to be less than that of an application for a full-time position.

Cons of Internship # 3: Internships require free time

As already mentioned elsewhere, practical phases are now integrated into many degree programs. If this is not the case for you or if you want to do an additional internship, you have to think about the organization yourself.

The semester break would be a good time for this. But what if you have to pay for your own living expenses and also have to work during the lecture-free period? Then, for better or worse, you have to do two things at the same time. Recovery then falls by the wayside.

Disadvantages of internship # 4: Short internships are rarely possible

You seldom decide for yourself about the duration of the internship. Here, too, you have to put yourself in the employer's shoes: You don't want to laboriously train an intern in the work process so that it disappears after two weeks, understandably.

For this reason, most internships are designed for a period of three to six months. If you do a voluntary internship while studying, you hardly have the opportunity to work full-time for six months at a time - see point # 3. For this fact alone, many attractive employers are eliminated from the outset.

Cons of Internship # 5: Interns have little responsibility

There is something good about being able to enjoy puppy protection as an intern. However, since you mostly “only” work to the supervisor or a department, the responsibility entrusted to you is limited.

This can be a nuisance to the intern, who may feel too mothered and not adequately valued. Above all, however, the future employer differentiates between whether you have gained previous experience from internships or a position with more personal responsibility. This can be a real disadvantage for the application process.


Yes, the internship also has advantages and disadvantages. However, we find that its advantages outweigh not only in quantitative terms! Internships look good on a resume. This is especially true if you don't have a lot of professional experience. In addition, you will get a feeling for your personal strengths and weaknesses, everyday working life in the respective industry and possibly gain access to professional contacts.

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